The College, ULE 2007 & TV!

The College, ULE 2007 & TV!

Back from my talk to day at the college. It went well – I do believe. They had questions ranging from how to online tarot readings work to soul mates. In case you missed what I was there for — it was to discuss psychic phenomena. It’s was their goal to disprove and I encouraged questions. I mean, hell, I can still be a skeptic at times and strange stuff happens to me all the time! A danger in life, I feel, is when people blindly believe what people tell them without researching that topic on their own. So I loved being asked question after question. The Prof and I briefly chatted about me going back to talk about Witchcraft and Magic. We’ll see. If she wants me to go back I’d be happy to.

Besides – I got the nod today that I’ll be a speaker at the 2007 ULE (Universal Light Expo). So I have to talk in front of as many people as I can so I don’t freeze in front of a large group of people. Know what I mean? I have a year to worry about what I’ll say:) And my topic will be about Gypsy Magic.

I got approached from the casting agent of the Fox show “Trading Spouses”. Appears they are looking for a psychic family:) I’ll let you know what happens there. They are looking to tape in Jan 2007 for 7 – 10 days.

Roofers – still here making noise. I hope that tomorrow I will be able to do a session. Of course, my son does not have school tomorrow – so we’ll see how much of anything that I can get done:)

Chat more later!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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