The Cliffs And A Secret Room!

The Cliffs And A Secret Room!

Spent a good time at the doc today and then the drug store. This and a meeting is why I’m running behind with my session!

I’m taken, rather quickly, outside. There is a motorcycle, looks like a Harley, running and there is a man on it with a black leather coat. I have a helmet in my hands so I am assuming that I am to jump on. I put the helmet on and do just that. I wrap my arms around the man in front and hold on as we take off. Nothing is said for miles. He points to a few items of interest along the road – old churches, ruins of castle and manors….I can see the water and some great looking cliffs. He pulls off the road and over to a cliff. We get off and take the helmets off. It’s Larry. We walk over to the edge and I’m not really sure what he is saying. Something about a woman who through herself off because a man jilted her. He jokes with me and kind of nudges me at the edge – but holds onto me so I’m not going anywhere. I hit him for that nudge. He laughs and tells me that he’d never let anything happen to me – ever. He tells me to stay put, climbs back on the motorcycle and leaves down the road. So now here I am by myself.

I sit on the edge of the cliff and watch the waves crash against the coast. It’s a wondrous sight. I hear the motorcycle pull up, stop, and the drive off again. I look back and Bill is coming towards me. He sits next to me. I ask him – why did Larry drop us both out here? He replies – we needed a remote place to talk, where no one will bother us. I thought to myself – a house would have worked. So I look at him and say – well talk. He said, we’re not there yet. Where I ask? He tells me to stand up – I do. He grabs my hand and moves to the edge. I’m like – are you nuts? This will kill us. He smiles and replies – you trust me don’t you? Of course I say. Then keep trusting — on the count of three. One, Two, Three! And we jump. My tummy tickles on the way down, although I think I’m going to be sick.

We hit the cold water, but it only stings of a second. I motions for me to follow him and I do to an underground cavern. We pull ourselves out of the water and rest on the dirt. Is this secluded enough for you – I ask? He says – we’re not done yet, come on. So I follow him through a stone passage to a large, very heavy, wooden door. He does something to the lock and it opens. Inside is a home or cottage really –one massive room with a bed, fireplace, looks like magical items as in herbs, oils, stones. Bill comments – now we’re safe. Where are we? I’m not sure by now if I’m in total amazement, wonder or worry. He says – at a friends.

He jumps on the bed and wants me to come here. I thought you wanted to talk – I ask. I do — he pats the bed. Just come here. So I do. He lies down and I snuggle into his arms. He tells me to close my eyes – I do. He is whispering something about being safe and that he doesn’t want to be this cautious, but he has to for now. I felt myself drop – so I had to have fallen asleep because the next thing I know I was done.

Hummmmm…interesting that it was Larry and not Ted that brought us to the cliffs — and why not Bill and I show up at the same time? Why go underground to be safe? More questions than answers in this one – that’s for sure!

I’m finally caught up on what was due for today – so that I can get to my emails! If you are expecting to hear back from me – I hope to be caught up by the time I go to bed.

I still find it hard to believe about the whole Peter/Ted thing from yesterday. The odds of the two of the working together are at a staggering high – yet here they are. I wonder what will fall into place next?

Have a wonderful day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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