The Blades, Ted and My Son!

The Blades, Ted and My Son!

Blades as in the Sheffield United Football Club. The other night my son and I were flipping through the channels and a football (European football) game was on. He wanted me to stop so that he could watch — no problem. He’s watching and all of a sudden he blurts out: Ted loves the Blades! I looked at him and asked — how do you know? As the kid was dead on with his comment. He shrugs his shoulders and says, mom — I just know these things. Then he goes on to say — I need a shirt – straight away!

Now — Bill and Ted really are not discussed in the house – especially in front of my son. Nor do we speak the British form of the English language. Although my brother-in-law is from Manchester (and a devote follower of Manchester United Football Club).

So — what I want to know is how did my kid know about the Sheffield BLADES and where did STRAIGHT AWAY come from???

Oh Lord — alittle me. This could be a problem……

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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