The Black Triangle Synopsis And Bill Visits!

The Black Triangle Synopsis And Bill Visits!

I’ve had a few people email me and ask to know more about “The Black Triangle”. I’m flattered that people want to know more. So I put together a synopsis of the screenplay:

A family of gypsies suffers the nightmares of Auschwitz/Birkenau during World War II. Recently reunited after a twenty-year separation, childhood lovers Jeta and Stefan make a promise – that they will survive to begin a new life together after the war. However, this promise seems impossible to keep. After trying to save her father, Jeta is marked for execution. Christian, an SS Officer and an old friend of Stefan’s, saves Jeta and makes her a psychic for Hitler in Munich. In the trials that follow, Jeta and Christian band together to give Hitler useful information as they fight to suppress their growing love for one another. Meanwhile Stefan fights for survival in the camp with what is left of Jeta’s family. Then, Berlin gives the order to kill all the gypsies – including Jeta. Trying to escape Jeta almost drowns, but Christian sacrifices his life to save Jeta and their unborn child while Stefan uses his connections at the camp to save those he can from the gas chambers. Stefan and a very pregnant Jeta reunite at the place they were captured – the gypsy camp. When an old enemy arrives at the camp, Jeta must trust her visions and Stefan must rely on his instincts at their last stand for survival.

This is certainly a work in process. Version 7 (I think) is done of the script and if anyone wants to take a look at it – I’d be happy to share and accept any input you are willing to give. I am constantly working on this story when I have time. The novel, of course, will be a lot more detail oriented.

I really wish that I hadn’t of been so trusting when I first wrote this script. Both actors who I wrote the script for to begin with — asked to read it. One based on communications with me and his agent, and the other from a meeting that took place between a friend of mine and the actor. It was my first draft. My friend kept pushing me to let the actors see it. Kept saying that she’s been in the biz long enough to know when something is ready — and the script (in her eyes) was ready. I had my reservations. However – I sent it out. At that same time I found out that this friend took the $$ I had sent her to get me an Entertainment Attorney. When she found out I knew she took my cash – she burned all the bridges – with me and with the actor she had sent the script to. This in turn caused actor number 2 to also say no. So I had the two people in the world that I wrote the script for to read it — and both turned it down because in essence – it wasn’t ready — and she told God knows what to God knows who. However, on the good side her pushing made me get the story done in the first place.

She and I have not spoken since that time and I need a wish and a prayer to even get this script past the actor’s gatekeepers. (SIGH)

So what I am praying for is that I can get the book to do well, to open the eyes of people to the story and then the script. After which — I will try to approach both actors again. I’m not too proud to beg:) Not about this story anyways.

My son is feelings much better. After a day of throwing up – he is his old self again as night time fell. Fingers crossed that we don’t spend the night in the bathroom – again.

As I am writing all of this, I had a flash of Bill in the corner of my room, by the door. I always know when an astral form or spirit is here as my cats zone in on it ASAP. Then they rally around me many times to guard me. But when it’s Bill or Ted, they just look and shrug it off. The flash was too fast – I couldn’t see much except to know it was him. He’s been around me a lot lately. I think he knows on some level how much yapping I’ve been doing about Ted and wants to make sure that I don’t forget about him. Forget — about him??? Of all people?? That’s like forgetting that my head is attached to my body.

Guess what — Bill will be in London later this year. It’s the damn British connection — again. Ahhh….I must admit, I do love the Brits no matter how much I may bitch about them. Now find me a good looking British man who can speak Italian — and I am as good as gone!

I’m going to ask again tonight what I am being told that I am missing. Hopefully, I can get some answers!

Off to bed I go!

Sweet dreams:)

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