The Black Triangle, Merlin And Atlantis!

The Black Triangle, Merlin And Atlantis!

I didn’t have a chance to learn much from my dreams last night. My son was up all night throwing up – so I was up too. Poor little dude. He gets this way when his sinus drain too much into his stomach. So although his sinus are acting like crazy 2-year-olds, I won’t know positive until he wakes up. Of course he’s staying home from preschool, so that throws the day into a curve ball.

What I do remember from the brief naps I got is me with a pad of paper and a pen. I’m in a school and writing what someone is telling me. Then I see myself outside, on the beach, writing more in this book. What this tells me is that through my creativity are the answers I seek. My feel is that my creativity ties in with Ted.

I’m being pulled in remarkably early into a session. Let’s see why…..

I can see myself in a room, appears to be my office with what I am to assume are galley proofs for a book on my desk. Off to my right, Hanna comes to my side. I ask her – what is on my desk. She smiles and tells me to watch. My son comes in, he looks to be around 7 – older than he is today, but not too much older. He has me fix something, I have a cow telling him not to get anything on the proofs. My office phone rings, I answer and I can see my mouth drop. I fall down into my chair and I grab the proofs. I can see the front cover – it is of “The Black Triangle”. The background is white with a black triangle in the middle. In the triangle, in white are a row of numbers. If I look at the back, the 1st line reads “What would you do to survive?”. The rest is a muddled synopsis of the book.

Hanna tells me telepathically – you will have a decision to make. A powerful force in your world wants you to be a part of them. It would mean money, prestige and respect. But it will also be the convalesces of your soul. You can achieve the same results without the negative forces in your life. No rash choices. Think things through. Do not lose yourself in the excitement of the moment.

I watch myself put the proofs aside and open up a file in my computer. It is the files I have gathered on my soul mate quest. The name of the file is “Trinity”. On the shelf, next to my phone are the four magic books in a row. I email someone, attach the file and sit back. I can sense that I am nervous.

I look at Hanna and ask – did I just do the right thing? She nods yes.

She takes my hand and pulls me into a wall of wavy energy. We emerge into what I feel is Atlantis. I am watching Bill, Ted and I walk through a preserved portion. Ted stops as a wave of energy just knocks him back a step. He says – this is it. With that he grabs my hand and we duck into a small room. Inside the room is bare, except for what appears to be a small round table, made of crystal and is connected to the floor. We kneel and place our palms on this table. An energy surge blasts us and what was once all white inside, is now a rainbow of colors. The table lowers into the floor and a door opens. We hesitate long enough to glance at one another and run into the next room. We are in the Crystal Cavern, in the room with the lake.

Hanna tells me that this is enough for now. I tell her I’d like to view more. She says no. Too much has a way of overwhelming me. I know she’s right – but that doesn’t stop me wanting to stay.

She disappears and I am now in the room Bill and I once were, that was under the cliffs in the UK. I look around, half expecting to see Bill, and instead it is Merlin. He smiles and kisses me on both cheeks. It’s been too long he says, but now you are ready. For what — I ask?? You are now the teacher and are ready to unlock more of your soul inherent gifts. With that he chants a line under his breath and fans out a white powder over me. It feels strange – like when you are using one of those shampoos that is supposed to “awaken” your skull, to tingle…..but this feeling is all over my body. He hands me my healing wand, and tells me to sit with it and empty my mind. I do what I am told. Merlin tells me to think of anything – anything at all and focus on it.

I do, I focus hard in on having a friend email me. During this intense focus, I can see her lying on her back. I’m taken to her where I place my hands over her chest and send in white light. I ask this light to go to all of the places of pain and heal. I look up and Ted is there, but his eyes are not green, but black. He looks to be very evil and sinister. I stare at him and ask why are you looking like that? In a deep voice he says – you know.

It dawns on me and I tell him – you are not the enemy. You are not someone who I should try to avoid, but embrace and love. As I speak the words, I can see the blackness leave him and his eyes turn back to their wonderful green color. He smiles and says, thank you. He grabs me for an embrace, and our energies merge into one. It is all consuming, all full of such a strong energy that we both cannot help but yell in the pure ecstasy of it all. In that split second, I am back with Merlin. He smiles and says – did you see what you were looking for? I reply – I think I have.

Then I’m done.

Time will tell today if my friend emails me. I’ll be surprised if she doesn’t – but I’ll let you know.

I definitely have some food for thought.

Have a wonderful day!

Crystal Sunshine!

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