The Best Orgasm Thus Far!

The Best Orgasm Thus Far!

Will and I started with a telepathic connection of being in a log cabin – as I fell asleep, it transferred into a dream visit. Because that man was so darn frisky (like I’m actually complaining) the dream visit of course shifted into dream sex. I’m in the kitchen trying to make homemade sauce for the lasagna. I say “try” because Will keeps kissing my neck, my ears. I move to the counter to chop some more green peppers and he presses into the back of my body- his hands reach around to play with my nipples while his hard cock grinds into my back end. Suddenly having a knife in my hand seemed like a major health hazard as I was in no way paying attention to what I was doing.

His hands slipped under my blouse and unsnapped my bra. I asked him if he wanted to eat dinner? He said yes – but that I can turn the stove – and dessert – off. Hummm…I was now dinner. I told him that he would have to let me move in order to reach the stove. His response? To wrap his hands over my naked breasts and grind into my backside even harder. With every flick of his tongue on my neck, ecstasy traveled throughout my body. To say that I was energetically on fire would be an understatement.

Our hips move in rhythm – I’m pushing into him as hard as he’s pushing into me. The friction or our jeans against our bodies only spurs us to move faster – harder.

(I have to interject here — as I’m writing this Will has telepathically connected so that we are having telepathic sex exactly the way I am describing it in the dream — damn it’s hot)

He reaches a hand down to my crotch and rubs. I white knuckle the counter top. I can smell the sauce burning.

I turn around and move him out of the way – move the sauce and turn off the stove. As soon as it’s turned off his mouth is on mine, probing, exploring. The kisses deepen as we try to mold into one.

His crotch presses up against mine and rubs. Back and forth our hips move. His hands are grasping at my butt, my hands have a death grip on his hips. He whispers that he wants me to cum in my jeans. I beg him to reconsider. He refuses. He says that it feels far too good to stop for any reason. I couldn’t argue with that. But I still tried.

The pressure we put on each other’s bodies grew – our rhythm increased. I continued to beg to finish this another way.

In the blink of an eye – our bottom half’s were naked. My hands are behind me – grasping the counter. His right arm has my left leg in the crook of his arm, his hands grabs the counter – his left hand also grabs the counter. He mentions how wet I am – I comment on how hard he is. As he enters me, it is as if the universe’s positive energy enters me at the same time. Our bodies hit automatic pilot. Faster and harder we push – my fingers are dug into his hips – until we reach the ultimate orgasm.

I woke up immediately following.

And when I was done writing the above – I had to go take care of business in the here and now.

Holy fucking shit (excuse my language) but that is the hottest telepathic sex and release I have had to date.

It’s times like this when I wished I smoked.


Crystal Sunshine.
Allie 😉

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