The Almighty P**** and a Heavenly Marriage!

The Almighty P**** and a Heavenly Marriage!

Oh my good God! That is all I can say about this session.

He has been center most in my thoughts since the time I woke up this morning. During my morning walk – Archangels Michael and Gabriel were both by my side. I asked them how Bill was going and such a chill went through my body – the hair stood up on my arms! I said – he’s healed? And they smiled. They showed me him in bed, with a smile on his face. He was mumbling my name.

Then all morning I have had chills up my back and on my neck. He has been around touching me – caressing me. It’s been maddening! But – I haven’t complained – not a once. I did say “you’re back” and I felt a kiss on my lips.

Right before today’s session I kept hearing him call my name. I told him to be patient. I’m working on it.

I enter into what seems to be an all white room. He’s there – pacing. He sees me and runs to me, scoops me up in his arms and gives me the most amazing kiss. He’s keeps saying I’m sorry – I’m so sorry. He is guiding me backwards and I feel my legs hit a bed. I ask him – where are we? He replies – does it matter? Of course it doesn’t! I ask him what has gotten into him – he says that he just feels terrific. That the doubt and blackness is gone – he doesn’t know how or why, but he’s grateful.

He pushes me back on the bed and I stop him. He’s like what? I say – hold on a second. I flip him over so he’s on his back and I’m straddling him (we are both still clothed – BTW) and he’s like – now this is more like it! I shook my head. Told him to close his eyes. He smirks and follows my orders. I place my hands on his chest and send white light in – the current is so strong going through my body to his that I have a difficult time holding my ground. The energy and love that poured into him was simply Divine (pun intended). I can see only a few puffs of black smoke come out of him. I then lean down and kiss him all so soft. He grabs me and WOW – can I say passionate! The rest is XXX so I’ll leave it out – use your imagination.

Nothing – and I mean nothing has been so intense as that love making session. If this is anything close to how it will be in the physical world…I may just have to worship the almighty penis and then I think about his mouth……whew…cold shower time!

We get off the bed. He looks at me – all so serious and asks – marry me? I told him that he needs to contact me first! He replies – no, right here right now. On the spiritual plane? He says yes. That this may for once and for all push away all the doubt and uncertainty that clouds both of our minds. That makes sense to me. So I ask him – are we going to repeat this on the physical plane? He smiles and says you bet your sweet ass we will.

In the blink of an eye we are standing in front of Jesus and he is marrying us. Archangels Michael and Gabriel were the witnesses as well as all of the angelica realm could be seen as far as one could look in any direction. After he pronounces us eternal husband and wife – Jesus kisses us both and tells us that we have the love and the support of the Divine. With that everyone is gone.

I ask him where is every one? He’s says he placed a barrier around us so that Cindy, Ted and Clive could not get through. He wanted no interruptions!

We go back to bed – more XXX and deleted scenes.

After we are finished we are wrestling around and I ask again – when is he going to call me? He tells me tonight. I tell him not to tease – it’s not very nice. He gets pulled away from me. He’s cussing to himself – we both know that someone is waking him up. I yell at him if he read the blog and he smiles. With that he’s gone and I wake up.

I’m guessing here that the white light from y’all last night helped! Thank you!! Let’s hope he stays on the up and doesn’t sink back down again. My energy field can’t take that kind of anger and despair again for awhile.

Now fingers crossed that he actually does call or fax – or write. Heck – I don’t care how just as long as he does!

Whew – I’m going to have a difficult time focusing on anything today but that session!

Until tomorrow (or maybe later today)…

Crystal Sunshine!

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