The 1920's, My Abilities and I Need to Prepare!

The 1920's, My Abilities and I Need to Prepare!

I sat with my wand. Upon entering a group of clouds – a voice tells me that meditation is not needed. I emerge and Brigit is standing there. She tells me that I need to trust my abilities and that I can connect and unconnect at will – while being fully conscious. I tell her that this is more comfortable for me. She says that my abilities will not grow until I place more faith in myself. I tell her okay – from now on I will connect at will. This pleases her.

Off to my right I sense my Uncle Wally coming towards me. He tells me that Rick (my cousin) is fine and that his emotions are too raw to connect with me at the moment. He says that both Rick and I need to chill out (so to speak) before we connect – but he promises that it will be soon. I thank him and he moves off into the clouds.

I ask Brigit to take away any obstacles that is standing in the way for me to heal and to be on my path. She says that she cannot. Just then a light blinds me and out steps Jesus – behind him are the Archangels. I ask him for his help. With love he tells me that I always have his help and support. I mention about the obstacles – for all 3 of us – to be removed so that we can travel on our path together. I don’t remember exactly – but he says something to the affect that I must be prepared. That it is time to let go of the past to make room for the future. That it is of the utmost importance that I be prepared – for myself and my son – by the end of 2005. Better yet – by December. I tell him that’s too soon. He replies that I can do anything I want to – I’m never given an unfair burden to master. All I have to do is “do”.

I’m joined by Bill. He takes me in his arms and gives me such a wonderful kiss – I swear that I could actually “feel” the kiss. When it was done – I feel a hand on my back – I turn around and it’s Ted. He gives me the same – deep – toe curling kiss. We three are told to join hands. A powerful white energy embraces all of us. Next thing I know we’re in the roaring 1920’s.

Bill/Frank back slaps me on my face. He does it again. At least now I know where I got my bruises in an earlier past life recall – and when Ted/Nick says that his boss is closing the place down – that would’ve been Bill/Frank. He’s screaming at me to quit. That he doesn’t want me to work there any more. I’m crying telling him that I’m good at the uncover work – that I’m learning a lot about our competition. He puts his hands around my throat and is strangling me – screaming like a mad man that I like the job too much – I must be a whore – sleeping with the enemy. He flies off of me and it’s Ted/Nick. He tells Frank to get a grip. Frank pulls out a gun and points it at Nick – tells him to mind his own business. Nick tries to calm Frank down saying it doesn’t do the business any good to have him go off on his wife. Nick helps me up – asks me if I’m okay. I can tell by looking into his eyes that he’s in love with me. By the smile on his face, I must reflect the same feelings. Frank doesn’t notice a thing – he’s over pouring himself a drink.

Now we are back in the clouds – they disappear and we’re in the meadow. I wake up.

About 10 minutes before I started the session, I had that energy rush, shakes, etc…that I had on Friday. When I was done with the session, I still had them…..only during the session I couldn’t feel it. An hour later – I still have that raw emotional surge. Only this time I can’t tell if it is Bill or Ted who has had a breakthrough. I want to say Ted – but my inner voice is telling me no – it’s Bill. His third eye has finally opened more and he can “see” me better.

Bill’s back in the states again – I can always tell when he is overseas or home. The energy level is different.

My cousin did die this morning. It hurt like hell when my grandma died a few years ago – hurt worse when my uncle passed away (at 49) a couple of years ago…but my cousin was 42. That’s four years older than me – and this is like a stake through my heart. Nothing I cannot get through – it’s just so hard for me to believe that his physical presence is no longer. My dad and step mom are riding out Wilma – they went down to FL on Sat.

Spell for the new book are coming along. Slower – much slower than I want. But at least something is happening.

Until later…

Crystal Sunshine!

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