Thank You Bill – You've Been Missed!

Thank You Bill – You've Been Missed!

I haven’t had any poetic muse since I saw Bill last year. None – zip. But now he is back, at my side, his energy intertwined with mine. And with his return comes the return of my poetic muse.

Never Forget

That no matter the time
–The place
–The distance
You are never alone.

Never truly alone.

For I shall be at your side
-To love
And honor
the good, the bad,
the hatred, the love,
harsh words,
war, death and disease
For all of eternity.

His Best Girl

He holds her hand:
– old
– tired
– diseased

But with one look into her eyes,
He remembers:


And for him, no matter how old she may become, to him she will always be
his best girl.

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