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“I was lost before i met Aliie. I thought I was insane. She cleared up everything for me and I realized i was not losing my mind. I guess you can say she saved me.”
~ Pamela, Ohio/USA

“Allie managed to get me and my husband to see where our relationship was headed if some drastic changes were not made. We didn’t like what she taught us to see about ourselves and how we interacted as a couple. It was painful for us to see how cruel we were with one another. My husband and I followed her coaching advice and our marriage has never been strong — or more passionate. Love you Allie!”
Sarah & David, PA

“Thanks Allie, your advice on how to attract a man was dead on. It feels great to be in the dating world.” – Julie, CA

“I thought out of body sex was something that I imagined. But because of your site Allie and your stories about how astral sex impacted you, I know that I’m not crazy. You helping me with my peace of mind is priceless. I’m forever grateful.”
Dan, Brisbane/AU

“Allie, your sexual pleasure advice was easy to understand and your suggestions for toys and erotic fun was eye opening. My wife and I have been having a great time getting reacquainted.” – Mike and Sue, MT

” I have found Allie and have been a client of hers for the past 2 years now and it has been the best decision I have ever made. Besides just love, relationships, and sexual questions she has helped changed my views on life, and pushed me in the directions that I am supposed to go in in this lifetime. The most recent relationship situation that Allie has helped me with most recently is one that I have just found this semester at school and she has been guiding me in the right direction of what to do. Okay my situation that I found was in one of my classes this semester I found myself becoming sexually attracted to a guy in one of my classes and it drove me crazy because I know I am straight, and so with one of the readings I bought from Allie I brought it up to her and she said that I am sexually attracted to him because in a past lifetime we were in a relationship together and he was a girl in that lifetime and when we broke up he was so distraught back then that when he was walking home he walked in the street and got hit by a car and died. So now all the same feelings have been coming back to me from that relationship, and now that I know he has a trait that my wife posses which is vunerability I will be able to save him and my wife as well. Also I am supposed to help him find love, and teach him how to love so in my dreams I have been able to do so since that is one of my psychic gifts. I know this situation is not all the way settled, but I know if I need to know something Allie is their to help me with what I need so thank you Allie I really appreciate it!” –Alex, OH

“Allie is helping me in an ongoing relationship situation and her accuracy has been nothing short of astounding. In the beginning, because I think like a scientist and saw no evidence, and the readings were so positive, I thought she was maybe 35% correct but I was wrong – she was about 99.9% correct. Entirely, spookily correct in getting inside his head and mine too! Even when I couldn’t fathom how, for example, two predictions could come together at the same time, they did. I really like her hard, clean certainty and no-nonsense attitude – I recently realized she’s like the paternal energy of the intuitive world, and you know, you need your mama and your daddy! I continue to be a satisfied, loyal client and will for the foreseeable future.”- Shannon, SC

Disclaimer – The testimonials presented on this website are, to the best of Allie’s ability to determine, all true and accurate. They were provided willingly, without any compensation offered in return.

Most of her clients do not share their results, nor are they required or expected to. Therefore, she has no way to determine what typical or average results have been. To be frank with you, many clients do not implement anything Allie teaches them. Why? Because making changes take work, and many people are not committed to putting in the work.

Each individual’s success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, effort and motivation to work and follow recommendations. There is no guarantee you will duplicate the results stated here.