Telepathic Sex, Wonderful Kisses And Will!

Telepathic Sex, Wonderful Kisses And Will!

I had a nice telepathic sex encounter the other day. I was at my computer working on a screenplay, when I felt someone kissing my face. I knew who those telepathic lips belonged to – Will. And I was all too happy to enter into a telepathic connection with him.

We appeared to be back stage somewhere. There was some sort of play being rehearsed. He gave me a soft, yet very passionate kiss. Those blue eyes just twinkled – it was cool. He grabbed my hand and we went behind a set of ocean waves.

His hands cupped my face – his lips were so soft against mine. I traced my tongue around the outside of his lips – probed the inside of his lips. His hand slipped in my hair and pulled me closer. His mouth was hungry, his tongue seeking to explore every corner of my mouth.

His mouth left mine, kissed the left side of my face….he traced his tongue around my ear, his teeth teased the nape of my neck. I grasped the base of his skull and pulled him closer – begging for more.

My heart was racing so fast that I swear I felt like it was going to beat out and run a marathon.

Then as soon as this started – he stopped ravishing my neck. He just looked at me. He whispered — I miss you.

And the connection was broken. Even though he wasn’t “here” I could still feel his energy all over my neck and lips.


Happy OBE!

Allie 🙂

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