Telepathic Sex, Will And The River!

Telepathic Sex, Will And The River!

Telepathic sex – it has such a way of interfering with my day. Not that I’m complaining THAT much — but still…

Here I am minding my own business – trying to get caught up after my Universal Light Expo weekend and BAM…damn that Will. His energy is very strong today – wow – I’m guessing he’s missed me. I can feel his touch on my body – his lips on mine. The horniness factor is pretty high at this point in time and I honestly have no choice but to follow him and see where this goes…

I arrive with Will and we are outside, under a big willow tree next to a river. He smiles and thanks me for meeting him here. My response was that while I could ignore his energy – it would take too much of my energy to dodge him. So here I am. And I don’t have a lot of time to hang around. He grabs my hand and leads me to the river. We get to the edge and he turns me to face him. His fingertips caresses my face – he takes the tip of his tongue and runs it along my mouth. My knees go weak. I lean in to kiss him and he holds me back for a spilt second – teasing me – with the energy that’s in me, it feel like I’m going to explode. I slide my hand around to the base of his skull and draw him closer. It feels like we melt into one when our lips touch.

There’s no holding back with the kisses – each kiss is deeper than the last – pushing one another onto the brink of insanity. We rip off one another’s clothes and don’t care where they fall. Into the water we fall – the coolness of the water feels awesome against the heat of our bare flesh. His mouth takes in a nipple and skillfully gets its attention. We’re almost pawing at one another – trying to move away the bodies and get to the soul.

As he enters me, my fingers dig into his shoulders, drawing blood to the surface. My hands slide down and grasp his butt – as he grabs mine. The thrusts are in tandem – they’re intense – moving at a frantic pace until we both climax simultaneously. He smiles – kisses me and the connection is broken.

Wow that was good…..

And his energy is gone – for now. He’ll be back – I know he will before the day is out.

This past weekend went great at the Universal Light Expo. The workshop on Sunday went well – we ran out of time as I had so much more I wanted to cover. The attendees were eager to ask questions – which I thought was great. There will be a DVD of the OBE Sex workshop available here soon. As soon as I have some copies – I’ll have them on the site.

I’d better go and post this…

More later – I’m sure!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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