Telepathic Sex, Will And A New Directive!

Telepathic Sex, Will And A New Directive!

Sweet Home Alabama! That’s the song anyways that has been tickling my brain today. Let me tell ya something – remember when I said Monday that hooking up energetically wise with Will was like riding a tidal wave? Well damn – let me tell you that we must be riding this wave for all it’s worth because he has been reaching out for telepathic sex for the last two days straight. I know that I test sex toys for my other job — but come on — I have more to do than that! But he is not making it easy to think about anything but sex. Bill and Ted can get really bad about this too – especially when our energies have a firm connection for a long period of time. Will here though is relentless. So I’m working on channeling his enormous sexual energy into working on creative projects. I’m not allowing him access to my libido, at least not now.

So what kind of things have been going on with him? Hummm…what can I write that won’t stick this blog into an adult category? Well, not much then.

Okay – last night for instance — dream time. have you ever watched a movie or TV show where a couple is really fighting — yelling — with the woman stopping out the door and the man running after her? Well, that was this dream visit. We were fighting over me moving. I didn’t want to – said it would screw things up. He was insistent and it went from there. Next thing I know is that I’m running out of the door, he grabs me and wants me to stay. I start beating the living crap out of him and somehow this turns into us both crying and kissing. I don’t know how it went from one extreme to the other, but it did. We weren’t in the house, but in the garage. His mouth on my neck felt like a trail of fire — man was it a turn on. Before I know what’s happening we’re almost butt naked on the hood of his 1969 yellow Camaro SS! Good God. I woke up and just laid there – my heart beating a million miles an hour. But without taking care of the situation I found myself in — I knew that I’d never fall back to sleep. So that was that.

Then the telepathic connection and telepathic sex started as soon as I woke up. It is very hard to go about you day when in your mind you can feel someone hands and mouth caress your body. It’s difficult not to slip into an orgasmic bliss when the most erotic situations are playing out in your mind with your body responding to the telepathic touch. I found Will and I in a lake, a stairwell and in an alley way between two buildings. Now — Will in real life is a very shy man who is not one to express themselves in such a sexual manner in public (and by that token so am I) but when we’re in the telepathic connection or dream visit and even astral sex — it is a no holds bar erotic tryst.

I know – you want me to be more revealing. Not here. In the book – it’s a strong possibly – but not here, not now. Doesn’t feel right to be that revealing. But use your imagination and I’m sure what images you can conjure up has been a part of my day.

Will’s being very insistent on pulling me into a session. I go and I see him sitting under that tree, by the lake with a notebook in his hands. I ask him what he’s doing and he tells me writing down some poetry to show me some day. I ask – why not now? He shakes his head — he wants it to be in person, not on the astral plane. He gives me that very sexual and sensual grin. I tell him that he’s been a bit horny today. He chuckles and says – well — it is your fault. I smile – don’t go blaming me – is my reply. He grasps my chin, his thumb lightly glides over my bottom lip. If you weren’t so good with your mouth my mind may be elsewhere. I hit his hand away – blushing — stop it. He laughs a bit longer and then gets serious. There’s someone here who wants to talk to you. There is – I ask? Will nods over towards another tree and Bill steps out from behind it. My heart goes into my throat. I have an instant feel that this isn’t going to be good.

Hi stranger – I say as I smile and make my way over to him. He hugs me with such force that I can tell he is in pain – emotional pain. What’s the matter? He lets me loose, tears pool in his eyes. I have to ask you to break off the contact – with me and with Ted. I could feel the blood drain from my face. Why I ask? Because – connecting to us is making you too scattered. And you can’t be –not now. You and Will must have a strong connection. I turn around and look at Will – but he has his back to us – sitting under the tree, writing again.

I turn back to Bill. Did Will put you up to this? Bill shakes his head – no. Where’s Ted, why isn’t he here? A tear trickles down Bill cheek – because he couldn’t bear the pain of telling you to let go. I think that he is drunk somewhere right now. It feels like someone kicked me in the gut. For how long – how long does the connection have to be severed? Bill shrugs – until you and Will physically meet. The sooner it happens, the sooner the connection can be strong again. I stare at Bill, trying to fight back the tears — how can I break off a connection with two souls that are for all intent purposes, part of me? I don’t know how we’re supposed to do it — I don’t know at all. Maybe by busying ourselves with other things. You have your plate full and it’s about to become so much that you won’t have much free time to make connections. This is why it is vital that you point that energy towards Will.

I sit there, head down – not saying a word. I can feel the tears just pour down my face. So this isn’t for this whole lifetime? I choke out. I look up at Bill and he’s crying as much as I am — no he says. Only for a short period. But it’ll feel like an eternity. I’ve gotten used to your presence – I cherish it — and I know Ted does too. This is something that came from higher up. Then why didn’t someone from there tell me this? Bill wipes my ever flowing tears with his thumbs — because I wanted to be the one.

I see Bill look past me and nod. I can feel Will walking up behind me. Will stands next to me. Bill embraces Will and they hug. Tears flow down Will’s face too. Take good care of her, Bill says. Will replies – I will…that’s a promise. Bill gives me a kiss – we hug and then like -that-he’s gone.

I can’t help but sob – Will holds me tight and tells me not to cry. I look at Will with my swollen eyes and my heavy heart and ask — but with what all is going on with me, how can they just leave? Just when I need them the most? Will pulls me back into the embrace — they didn’t leave because they wanted to – they did because they had to. And I promise – I’ll be there for you, I’m your safe harbor.

I stand there in his arms for a spell, until the crying calms down to a trickle. I pull back from Will and comment – looks like we have to meet. He nods. Then I suggest we get busy. He smiles — that’s my girl.

And I was done.

I think – no I know – that I liked being distracted with sex much better than being distracted because I cannot feel Bill or Ted at all. Not even really a glimmer — but I do know that they are still there…the door is just shut. God this sucks.

I now know where I must turn my extra energy – Will. I don’t know why it is so important that we physically meet – but then again the Divine knows much more than I do. I just wish I had hints every now and again.

When I meet Will – and I will by year’s end – I’ll let you know.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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