“Telepathic sex is more than the outward appearance!,” yelled Joshua. Well – Joshua doesn’t YELL. He sternly makes a point. Joshua is my adviser in all matters. He doesn’t exist in physical form – he never has – and he never will. There isn’t anything he doesn’t know – although there is plenty he won’t tell me. Think “Abraham,” and you get the gist of what I’m talking about. In fact, Joshua isn’t even his name, his name is a sound. But hell – I’m getting off topic.

Because Joshua is who he is — I learned long ago to listen to what he says.

And because I’m working every day on the OBE sex book – this is how we landed on this topic last night. I’m in the shower thinking about what story I’m going to use next as an example in the book, when this conversation starts…

(J = Joshua, A = Allie) Grab a drink — this is long.

J – Do you keep the same appearance life after life?

A – What? No I don’t.

J – Then why do you look for appearances when you connect?

A – Because humans are visual – we like to see things.

J – Your eyes are frail and fail you.

A – Well then someone higher up should be giving us better equipment.

J – That is not our job.

(yeah, he does’t detect sarcasm)

A – We like to “see” who we’re kissing. If my mouth is on his mouth, I want to see whose mouth it is.

J – It is energy. There is no mouth.

(We argued about this for a few min. I don’t know why I bothered to do that.)

A – (Heavy Sigh) Ok – so how am I supposed to be connecting.

J – Your connections are perfect. Your sex is perfect. What you must do is stop using your eyes. You work too hard. Everything is energy. All humans can detect energy. It is not a secret how. Humans forget how. That is the problem. No need eyes for detection or connection.

A – You want me to teach people how to telepathically connect and have sex without seeing the target person?

J – Yes. Later. Now to see the person is beginner steps. Fine to start. You need to advance.

A – What do you want me to do?

J – Close your eyes. “See” Will. Do you see him with no details?

A – Yes.

J – Do not see details. Close your eyes in your telepathic mind. You know what Will feels like. His energy. His essence. What do you sense?

A – Sizzle. Spice. Powerful energy. High frequency. But there is also a calmness flow. It runs throughout the sizzle and spice.

J – Yes! Now, move your energy to his energy. Do open “eyes.” Kiss him. Do you feel his mouth?

A – Yes.

J – Feel his body. Do you feel it?

A – Yes. The sizzle and spice part feel more like tiny firecrackers under my hands.

J – Open your “eyes” and look.

When I did that, what I saw jarred me out of the connection. It was a brilliant light, almost like standing in the sun. I felt him but in front of me was no body. Although logically I know that when we telepathically connect, his actual body is not there, not seeing the body threw me.

I understand what Joshua is telling me. Just like with dream and astral sex, where it is also pure energy – you do not need to “see” the person, just sense the energy. Same applies to telepathic sex.

Adding to the “To Do” list – a class that teaches people how to rediscover sensing energy.


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