Telepathic Sex, Virtual Foreplay and Dreams!

Telepathic Sex, Virtual Foreplay and Dreams!

Sex – God I love talking about it. I love helping people improve their sex lives – one step at a time.

Last night was a first – I had a couple come to me in a dream and ask for sexual help. Both have busy lives and don’t have time for sex. They get home – do stuff around the house – go to sleep.

It gets a little sketchy from this point on. I mentioned about having dream sex. They said they already do. So I replied something about telepathic sex and virtual foreplay. During the day they need to concentrate on one another and allow themselves to fantasize about sex. It’s important that they let it flow – they need to let themselves get turned on with taking care of their sexual urge until they are together. If they feel their partner’s lips in theirs – flow with it – if they feel a brush against their nipple — flow with it. The goal is to be turned on by the time they came home from work.

I woke up after that. I hope they enter my dreams tonight and let me know how it went!

Give it a shot with your partner — flow with it!

Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 😉

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