Telepathic Sex: The Telepathic Pick-Up

Telepathic Sex: The Telepathic Pick-Up

I started this before I left for New Orleans last week. Time got away from me. Although I have tried this technique before – I tried it again in NOLA — and it worked — again:)

Okay – so you’re in a bar, maybe in the grocery store or just walking down the street — and you see her/him. Someone that just knocks your socks off –and eventually ( you hope) your pants!

You want to approach them, maybe strike up a conversation that will eventually lead to breakfast in bed. But like anyone else you don’t want to be shot down faster than Britney Spears’ 1st marriage. Can you give yourself some sexy brownies points before you turn on that sensual charm? Of course you can — you can also see if he or she is receptive ahead of time. How you ask?

The Telepathic Pick-Up!

1. Find someone in the bar/restaurant or anywhere else that you’d like to do the horizontal dance with that day/evening – or at the least ask out on a date.

2. Relax, be comfortably, and close your eyes if need be. Shift your focus upward, above your ears, and sense the temporal lobe sections.

3. Focus in on your potential dance partner.

4. Imagine a white light emitting from your temporal lobes, wrapping around your target’s head.

5. Be open to whatever you experience. Do not try too hard – do not force your concentration.

6. Feel how a multitude of impressions/words/sounds seem to pour into your mind through the temporal lobes.

7. Notice the sensation of heightened attunement that opens up in your solar plexus (directly below the sternum and over the stomach) — FEEL the communications.

8. Allow your remaining senses to come into the equation.

9. Strengthen the connection. You may feel a bit light-headed and/or your stomach may do some flip flops – this is normal. Hold it there for 30 seconds.

10. Start by telling them some woo words – they’re handsome, beautiful, sexy, etc…without being cheesy or by using a bad pick up line.

11. Tell them something positive about yourself – your job, your interests, you’re double jointed – whatever you think would be appropriate.

10. If you’ve gotten this far without the telepathic gate being closed – move a step further: pick a place on their body you’d like slide a bit of foreplay over. Pick one spot and one spot only.

The easiest and most effective foreplay methods include:

1. Kissing their neck

2. Nibbling on or blowing into their ears

3. Giving him/her a quick flick of your tongue up the center of their back

4. Grabbing his/her butt

11. Once you pick the spot, imagine yourself dishing out the foreplay. Take in the sensation of their surprise and pleasure. Really feel what is going on with all of your senses. Do this for 30 seconds.

12. When you are finished, imagine the white light coming loose from their head and draw it back into your temporal lobes. Sometimes it helps to imagine double doors shutting once you bring the white light back to you.

13. Approach them and strike up a conversation. Their soul already recognizes your soul so the good vibes are already in place. Proceed with the flirting/pick-up as you normally would.

Now if the person is not interested in you what-so-ever, you won’t get past steps 6/7. If you can get all the way to 12, it’s an almost shoo in that you’ll be going back to a bedroom, the back of a car, a date or at least exchange numbers.

In New Orleans I met a guy names Joseph (no, not the same Joe from – I did the above before I spoke to him. And although I didn’t go back to his room with him (my choice – I had to work in the morning) he did agree to engage in OBE sex with me that evening — and let me tell you — it jammed!

Crystal Sunshine!

Allie 🙂

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