Telepathic sex and sex toys. I can hear you, what does one have to do with the other?


In my new Out of Body Ecstasy Book (coming to a Kindle/app near you by year’s end), I am adding in what sex toys are complimentary to which OBE Sex experience. In my all years of teaching OBE sex and sex toy reviews/store, I finally decided to combine the two.

Telepathic sex you are wide awake and conscious of what you are doing. This is assuming that you are the one who is either starting/directing the telepathic connection or you are with a partner who is agreed upon time, date, etc…with the connection.

When connected telepathically and engaged in telepathic sex, you do not need a remote toy with a timer – what you need is hands free fun. If you are using a sex toy that you have to manually move – it can take you out of the “zone” if you are not an expert in a telepathic connection.

Here are a few of my recommendations (links take you to my sex toy store – The Passion Zone, where every purchase helps keep the lights on):

Men – male masturbators are the absolute best. A couple that I know my male clients enjoy are any of the Fleshlightsor the Secret Passage. The key here is to wedge the masturbator into something so you can have hands free action. Wedging it into some pillows or between the couch seat cushions works.




Women – the best two hands free I have found are the We Vibe and the Rock Chick. Insert a toy before you begin and as the sensations and sexual urge increases, rock yourself to great heights!

Now keep in mind that no matter who you are having Obe Sex (astral, dream, telepathic) with that you are sharing intimate energy with one another.

Happy OBE’ing!


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