Telepathic sex overload is not me. I wish I had the time to engage in it on a more frequent basis. What once first intrigued me has not gotten me to busy to enjoy it. Interesting how things work – isn’t it?

It’s a client who experienced this the overload on her sexual energy. No matter what it is in life – too much of a good thing is still just that — too much.

She had been feeling alone – isolated – for many years after her bitter divorce. She asked me about OBE and if I would coach her to be able to do it. Not a problem — she was a good candidate for coaching.

After working with energy – I taught her how to connect to new energies of souls she did not know now, but whose soul’s resonated with what she was looking for. we went into telepathic connection and then telepathic sex. This is something SHE LOVED.

She found a couple of souls who belong in her soul group to engage in telepathic sex. She was having a grand time. Her energy was up. Her mood was elevated. She was attracting good things to her. All was well!

And then it hit her.

She was soooooo tired. She had a difficult time concentrating. Her work was suffering. Her goals were not being met.

I got a panic call.

I asked her – how often was she engaging in telepathic sex? Shed said 2 or 3 times during then day – pause – maybe once when she wakes up – longer pause – then for a few hours after the kids go to bed.

How many times to you connect in those few hours? 10 – 12 times she replied.

So basically she was having telepathic sex 14 – 16 times a day. I asked her what would happen if she had physical sex that often. She said she couldn’t – it would be too tiring.


You energy body can go on forever. It’s endless in both scope and vibration. The physical body, on the other hand, has many limitations. One of those being it needs rest. The body cannot be “ON” all the time and still expect to function at an awake level.

Once she understood that, we talked about dialing it down a few notches. Maybe once in the morning and once at night. She agreed. About a week later she emailed me and let me know how much better she was doing!

Just because a slice of chocolate cake tastes good doesn’t mean eating the whole cake is a good idea. You can have too much of a good thing – and this includes telepathic sex.

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