Telepathic Sex, Ian, Flying!

Telepathic Sex, Ian, Flying!

Telepathic sex is one of my favorite ways to boost my sexual energy, and therefore my energy body. Telepathic connections and sexual release can be done anywhere at anytime (although don’t try while driving)!

Flying from Atlanta to LA is a long boring flight. High flying is my favorite place to engage in telepathic sex. Yes, I am a different kind of the Mile High Club!

I’m kicking back, reading a book high in the sky, when Ian 2 pops into my head. Now, he is a lovely sight to see. Seriously – I wish I could tell you who he actually is. Maybe someday I will be able to. But until then, take my word for it, the man is heavenly.

So he pops back in. I push him away. I’m getting to a good part of the book and I’d really like to finish the chapter! But no. There he is with those smoldering eyes and wicked-ass grin. I hear him say. “You wanna play?” I thought about it (yes, I actually did take time to think about the offer) and thought back, “Of course.”

I closed my eyes and allowed the connection to deepen. Ian 2 (from this point on, just Ian), gave me a soft kiss. As he deepened the second kiss, I realized we were a cave. Not any cave, but the crystal cave from Bill and Ted times. I asked him, “How do you know about this place?” He replied, “I know everything there is to know about you.”

Now most people might be creeped out but such a statement. But I have had a strong suspicion he is much closer to me soul wise than just being in my soul group. So his statement didn’t unnerve me.

Ian slides his hand through my hair and grabs the back of my head. He pulls my head back to kiss & nibble on the one spot on my neck (hell my whole body) that would cause my knees to give out and turn me into puddy. I melt into his arms. Before I know it he has me against the cave wall, with the important clothing loosened or removed. It was a strange feeling, the coldness of the cave wall behind me, and the hot energy that was flowing from Ian. With every thrust the hot and cold transfer added to the excitement. Back in the plane, gripping my arm rest like we were in turbulence, the telepathic sex connection arrived at a orgasmic conclusion.

Now mind you, on a plane or anywhere else in public, there will not be a reenactment of the diner scene from “When Harry Met Sally.” I am very mindful of my surroundings.

Very awake after this experience. I opened by book back up – and read with a smile all the way to LA.

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