Imagine this – you and your spouse/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend finally make it home after a long day at work. You both chit-chat, kiss a few times, maybe spend time with the kids, do some stuff around the house – watch a bit of TV, and then it’s time for bed. He or she reaches over to you (or you to them) for some good ole fashion loving, and you are far too tired to even start the engine. You both roll over – him/her angry for the rejection and him/her feeling guilty for not wanting sex.

The above scenario plays nightly in more relationships than you think. If the above repeats itself frequently, either the relationship will not last or if it does, it will be a sexless one.

So how do you fix this?

By being turned on and tuned in before you get home!

(and no – this isn’t an open invitation to have extra fun with a co-worker before you leave work – unless of course you’re single – then go for it!)

Fix it by being horny and wanting BEFORE you get home by each of you engaging in telepathic sex/foreplay with one another while at work!

Telepathic foreplay is a great way to rev up the sexual pathways before you make it home. If you’re horny before you step foot inside your home, you will not let something like having a long day keep you from being intimate with your other half.

5 Simple Steps to Excite and Tease Your Partner w/ Telepathic Foreplay/Sex

  1. Close your eyes and imagine your partner standing or sitting in front of you with a connective white light all around them and you (this is for energy protection).
  2. Keep your focus imagining your partner (how he or she looks, what he or she is wearing, what he or she might smell like) until he or she is VIVID in your mind.
  3. Note if you feel something different(tingling, pressure, tickles, etc..) in either your sacral (2 in below belly button), solar plexus (2 in above belly button), heart (center of chest), or throat chakra.
  4. Imagine kissing your partner, or running your hands across his chest, teasing her nipples, etc…. for a couple of minutes.
  5. Stop imagining them in front of you.

Wa-la done! Do this several times through-out the day. Note the difference when you get home!


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