Telepathic Sex – Foreplay Is Fun!

Telepathic Sex – Foreplay Is Fun!

Telepathic sex is a wondrous thing. Out of all of the OBE sex methods, this is still my favorite. Especially when it comes to OBE foreplay. Since I was so busy last week to enjoy any OBE sex – and Will must of been too as he didn’t try anything – I decided to be the aggressor here and tease him as much as I could telepathically. Of course – anything that turns him on – turns me on because of our natural connection. But regardless, I wanted to remind him of my presence:)

When I reached out and connected to Will, he was sitting at a desk or table – looking over some papers. He said – now don’t let me lose my place. LOL.

I kissed the left side of his neck, up to the back of his neck and down to the right – this lasted about 30 seconds. He cleared his throat a few times and shifted in his chair. I head him say — Allie. His left ear lobe had my name on it — it was just begging for nibble. Hummm…he tasted good. I’m not entirely certain, but it appeared that he had to “fix” himself during my appetizer. He did throw down his pencil and take a deep breath — placed his right hand on his thigh and just breathed.

I knew that I should stop soon – or this foreplay would take a giant leap to sex. This was effecting me as it was him – and frankly, I’m not that strong when it deals with Will and sexual tension. I always want to rip off his clothes. What can I say? With him I’m easy.

But before I stopped – I wanted to see how turned on I was making him. My hand traveled down to his groin and sure enough. he was in between a rock and a hard place. This only spurred me to lightly rub him – very slowly – with only my index and middle finger. Back and forth I rubbed for about 30 sec. He kept trying to work, kept throwing down his pencil – shifting in his seat — saying damn you Allie (grin). I pressed my lips firmly against his hard cock that was just begging to be set free – kissed him – and broke the connection.

I am evil:) But that’s one of the reasons why he likes me.

So if you’re ever sitting there working, eating dinner or maybe driving – someone pops into your head and you find yourself getting really horny. Best bet is that the person on your mind is performing telepathic foreplay. Don’t forget to return the favor and/or sexual tension.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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  1. Samantha

    Ok Allie, here’s another question, it might be stupid…
    What about writing about sex with that person? Does that have anything to deal with telepathic sex at all? Could they be able to receive whatever the other person was writing about them?

    Thanks 🙂 You know I didn’t believe in this stuff until that dream I had about the co-worker LOL. The last dream I had of him was him making me jealous trying to get me back by saying he was having a 3some with these two women lol. So either I haven’t been thinking positive or he’s blocked me or something.

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