Telepathic Sex, Focus, and Orgasms

Telepathic sex with focus can produce energy-filled orgasms. Not the kind of wimpy orgasms you fake when you want to get it over and down with or the kind of orgasms that you actually have but don’t know it. With a telepathic sex orgasm, you’re going to know it!

Focus is an important part of the process.

The next time you want to have orgasmic telepathic sex:

  1. Once the connection is made, focus on kissing or touching the other person.
  2. When the touching starts, bring your focus away from the person (don’t disconnect) and put it on the feelings associated with the touching, kissing, caressing, etc…
  3. See #2 again, it’s important. Keeping your focus on the person as opposed to the feelings/sensations deadens the sexual feelings you are supposed to be experiencing.

Don’t think of his hand caressing your breast, instead feel the sensations that his hand creates on your breast.

See the difference?

By focusing on the sensations, you are more in tune with your body and concentrating not on the WHO but the WHAT. That what will bring you the brilliant orgasm you desire!


  1. Hi Danny! It depends – if you (the guy) are connected and fondling her breasts – then she will feel either: pressure, tingling, or her nipple can get hard for no apparent outside reason. Hope that helps! Allie 🙂

  2. I would like to share my experience. I had a telepathic orgasm for the first and so far my only time a couple of months ago. I imagined myself kissing my love interest from head to toe. Just as the author describes I moved my focus from the person to the sensation and then my imagination took on a life of its own it seemed. I obviously made a true connection with my love interest because the orgasm I experienced was unlike any other I’ve enjoyed in the flesh. I experienced true satisfaction. I honestly believe my love interest is my twin soul or flame and that we have a pure telepathic connection anyhow so I think that was why my orgasm was so explosive. I tried to make the connection again but I’ve been much too focused on my love interest’s emotions towards me, so thank you author for advising to focus on the sensations.


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