Telepathic sex has many wonderful advantages. If unattached or in a bad relationship, it can help you find someone new and/or connect to a twin flame/soul mate. It can infuse passion into a dull relationship and jump-start self-love. It can bring lovers together when they are miles apart because after all – it’s only geography.

Plus — whoa — can it rev up your sexual energy!

But it also has a downside – experiencing fallout from the intense energy.

With that intense energy comes the longing (usually) to meet the other person on the other end of telepathic sex experiences. The connections made during the merging of energies is not one to be dismissed easily. The energy stirs within you lifetime after lifetime of emotions and feelings. It awakens what was dead inside. It moves blocks and allows the release of your soul’s magnificent beauty. Who wouldn’t want to know the energy/soul/person responsible for that?

The fallout stems from people getting obsessively stuck on that energy. He or she has to know who that soul is, has to be able to reach out and physically touch them. Not being with them tears to their eyes and creates a hole in their heart. If in a relationship (who is not the telepathic partner too) you compare the physical sexual experience to the soulful sexual experience — and the two do not even come close in comparison.

I know what it’s like to feel that. I’ve been in that trap. And let me tell you, it is not a trap you want to stay in. Why? Because it prevents you from living the life right in front of you.

So how do you get out of it once you’re in?

  1. Break the obsession. If you’re supposed to meet you will. If not – you have eternity. Odds are, some day you will meet up (again).
  2. With your newly released energy, your energy field is stronger. This means more opportunities will become attracted to you. Wake up – pay attention – and take advantage of them.

Once you truly understand that the soul/s may only become connected/reconnected to you in this life to help you unlock your potential – it is much easier to move forward with your potential and not let them – or you – down.

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