Telepathic sex is gaining in popularity as either more people find out about it or people stop by this blog and discover that hey – they’re not crazy – and they try telepathy again.

Even though telepathic sex is the easiest OBE sex method – it still takes practice. The easiest way to strengthen a telepathic connection is to practice with people on TV. You try to figure out what they are going to say before they say it.

For example:

  • Watch the news and figure out what the newscaster will say before they announce that bit of news.
  • Watch a sports game and pay attention to one particular player throughout the game. See if you can anticipate their moves before they make them.
  • Watch a show like, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune or The Price Is Right and try to telepathically pick up on what answers the participant’s will choose. 
Even if you are wrong, more than you are right with the above experiements — this is still good practice.
You can also – of course – experiment with a partner:
Have a friend, at a specific time, sit somewhere in a disclosed location (like their house, or place of work).
At this time, you hone into them and take notes of what you can sense. What thoughts are on their mind? What are they doing? What emotions are they feeling? Make sure the notes are as detailed as can be. 
Then meet up and compare. 
It is wise to note though, that a telepathic connection will only take place between two consenting individuals. The consent does not have to be conscious – if two souls know one another – it’s a free pass to connect – unless there’s bad blood between the two. 

Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 😉


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