Telepathic Sex, Confined Spaces And Will!

Telepathic Sex, Confined Spaces And Will!

The last two days Will has really been in my energy space. I’m not one to complain – I of course can think of other areas of my personal space I wish he was in! But anyways – two days in a row – from about 11:30 am to 4:00 pm, he has been all over me energy wise. I could feel hands on my back, on my shoulders – lightly touching. My neck being showered by dozens of small kisses. But mostly it has been kissing on my mouth. I lost count on how many times I felt him kiss my lips. As soon as he would kiss me, the telepathic connection would start and each time there we were standing up, my back pressed against the wall, tongue deep in a flurry of French kisses. Each kiss felt more passionate than the last. The connection would break and I’d be back here again – at my computer – silently cussing to myself. Then before I know it — it would start again. I wonder if Will read my blog entry about telepathic foreplay? Drat that man. Getting me all hot and bothered with no one to relieve the sexual tension but me.

The last time today before he chilled out on the connection (same as on Thursday) he was connected wayyyyyy strong. I swear if I wouldn’t of known better I would of thought he was right in front of me in the physical sense. I allowed him both days to pull me into a telepathic connection that each time was in a confined space. Yesterday it was a small bathroom and today, a hall closet. Each time the intimacy had a sense of urgency to it. No matter how much kissing and fondling went on – it never seemed to be enough for either of us. Although the passion was certainly heated, his touch was very gentle and intimate.

In each connection, I had on a button down shirt — now I didn’t have on a button down shirt either day in the physical reality. During our very passionate kissing, he would unbutton the first four buttons or so – just enough that his hand could feel the softness of my breasts. It was I each time who undid my bra — I mean, why have it on – right? Stupid contraption. Next thing I would know is his hand would be in my panties, using his expert fingers to drive me crazy. Each time he would say – you’re so wet. I would reply – I was wet as soon as I saw you. That – as one would assume – drove him crazy. But I didn’t make it up – no way. I’m easy – all the man has to do is show up.

His thrusts had just the right amount of rhythm to drive me over the edge. In the connection we were reaching a climax – in the mean time my physical body was starting to feel very light, and the buzzing noise started as if I had reach the vibrational stage of astral projection. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to slip into an astral connection or not. It was wild. In the end I kept my astral body at home. Orgasms in the telepathic connection and I can say at least for myself – orgasm in the physical reality. My heart was pounding something fierce as my energy body & physical body were jazzed up to the max.

Wow – wow – wow.

I wonder if he’ll connect this strong tomorrow at 11:30 am? Looking forward to finding out!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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