Telepathic sex can be explored anywhere at anytime. However, if you are able to engage in telepathic sex someplace quiet where you will not be disturbed –well– you can go into a deeper connection resulting in an intenser orgasm. Grids that I’ve posted over the years are to help you amplify the connection by strengthening your energy. This particular grid is designed to go around YOU.

Telepathic Sex Central YOU Grid

What You Need:

  • 4 Faden quartz (quartz crystals that have white fibrous threads running through them)
  • 2 Apophylite
  • 2 Apatite
  • 1 Tektite or Moldavite (optional)

When you get the stones – cleanse them all by either putting them in the windowsill during a full moon or smudging them with frankincense or sage.


  • If you’re sitting on the floor – sit 1st then arrange stones. If you are in a chair – arrange stones then sit.
  • Put the faden quartz at north south east & west. If they are terminated (pointed) make sure the points are turned in to you.
  • Then alternate Apophylite – Apatite in the empty spaces between the quartz.
  • You are now ready to connect and engage in a deeper form of telepathic sex!

You can put up and take down the grid each time you need it – or leave it in place. Make sure to cleanse the stones once a month at the full moon.

Happy OBE’ing!

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