Telepathic Sex can Save A Relationship!

Telepathic Sex can Save A Relationship!

Telepathic sex can help to rejuvenate a relationship before either of you step into the bedroom. How? Glad you asked (of course I would have told you anyways – I’m like that).

When we meet someone we’re attracted to for the 1st or 2nd time we can’t help but think about having sex with them – or at the least – kissing them. The thoughts and day dreams get us so caught up during the time apart – that when we do see them all we really want to do is @uck like bunnies. Most mutually interested relationships start like this. Then as time goes on what happens? Either the relationship is transitioning from infatuation to love or there isn’t any depth there and it just starts to stall out. But what happens in either case (more important the love case)? You slow down or stop daydreaming about having sex with that person. Then what happens to the physical relationship? It stalls out.

That’s because as you were immersed in the day dreams of having sex with your honey – you were also telepathically connected to them (and they to you). Once the day dreams stopped – so did the connection and therefore so did the thoughts – AKA foreplay – stop. So when you saw one another it took a lot more effort to get the home fires burning – if you catch my drift. And the ball keeps rolling…

When this happens then there are thoughts that the other person doesn’t love us or find us attractive. So we’re either depressed and stay that way – or we go out and find someone who gets those @uck like bunnies feelings moving again.

And guess what happens when you meet that person? Back to square one with day dreaming about sex. Then sex happens more often because you’re each ready for it to happen upon seeing one another.

Now yes – there is more to a relationship than sex. But sexual intimacy is a crucial part of a relationship that usually the 1st to go.

So the next time you see your sex life waning with your partner – give telepathic sex a try. Allow yourself to day dream and connect to your partner – allow yourself to feel the sexual urges. Then show your partner how much you want him or her when you see them later on that night.

FYI – this only works if you are sexually thinking of your partner. Getting hot and horny by thinking about someone else and then trying to get your partner to satisfy you physically will not work.

Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 🙂

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