Telepathic sex is the OBE sex method of connecting one on one via the energy body, the mind and engaging in some sort of sexual interaction. In order to have telepathic sex two people need to have a telepathic connection. A telepathic connection normally works by the two people being awake and having the energy/mind connection. But it is possible that one person awake and one person asleep can have a OBE connection. It’s not the easiest thing to master, but it is definitely doable.


Because both dreams and telepathic connection use the energy body. The energy body is there whether or not you are awake or asleep. The only difference is with telepathic a person is awake and directly his or her conscious mind. If you are dreaming, you are not in control of your conscious mind unless you know you are dreaming and then shift into lucid dreaming.

How can you blend telepathic sex with dream sex?

  1. Establish a connection by imagining the target person as vivid as you can – and then encasing you and them into a large white bubble.
  2. Allow your mind to relax so that you can slide into a daydream.
  3. After you are in the day-dream you will either feel a pressure/vibration/tickle/tingle in your solar plexus and/or third eye chakras. Because you are connecting to a person who is dreaming, is why the third eye chakra should be “on”.
  4. You may also feel other sensations when connected such as light headedness, headache, feeling “lofty”, and body tremors.
  5. In the day-dream, imagine yourself having whatever sexual interactions you wish to have – such as kissing, petting, or sexual intercourse.
  6. When you are done, pull back the white bubble and open up your eyes.

It sounds much easier than it actually is. If you are trying to connect to someone telepathically and find that you can’t – it might be because they are asleep. Give this a try to see if you can connect. The odds of you getting on the first try are low, so don’t give up if you do not connect the first time.


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