Telepathic sex and Atlantis. To people who are not familiar with Atlantis, the combination may seem mismatched, or irrational. However, there couldn’t be a better combination except Atlantis and Healing (or Technology, or well hell – Energy). In Atlantis society, there was no life-long monogamous commitment. It was more like free love from the 70’s. Atlanteans knew that their inner energy was eternal. The energy is what they wanted to make the contact with, not the physical shell.

Atlanteans made energetic contact not only one on one, but within a group environment. Telepathic orgies were the norm. It wasn’t as crass as it sounds. There is much more to sex, than the physical component. To be able to connect and stimulate the energy body on all layers – sexual, mental, and emotional is the ultimate connection. Past telepathic sex that I’ve blogged about was the astral body to astral body. What I’m going to talk about now is a bit more involved.

Basic Atlantis Telepathic Sex

(this takes into account you know how to connect telepathically)

  1. Connect telepathically to your target person.
  2. See their energy field around them, sectioned off into 3 planes. Starting with the outer layer: spiritual, astral, physical.
  3. Your 3 planes mirror their lanes.
  4. See the light violet color of your spiritual plane move across and “click” into their spiritual plane.
  5. See the white layer of your astral plane move across and “click” into their astral plane.
  6. See the massive rainbow of colors that comprise your physical plane move across and “click” into their physical plane.
  7. Right after the last connection, your chakras should all line up and connect. Could happen all at once, or could go one on one. You should have to imagine this to happen, should be automatic.
  8. Now engage in sexual relations. You can do foreplay and kissing, or take it full circle. If you do not know how to have sex telepathically, you need to head back to basics before you give this a whirl. But no worries, you can be up to speed in no time.
  9. When finished, pull your energy back one plane at a time, starting with the physical and working out.

Having advanced telepathic sex leads you to the same orgasmic conclusion as astral sex.

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