Telepathic sex happens more often and to more people than one would think. When I started talking about my telepathic sex experiences 10 years ago, I thought that I was the only one who experienced my brand of crazy. Then I found out my crazy wasn’t crazy at all! That was a relief — let me tell you!

Since I started talking to people all over the world about telepathic sex, one question that always surfaces (after the “Am I crazy,” question) is how can he or she have a stronger telepathic sex experience? When you start connecting, on purpose, to others telepathically, it is easy to drop the connection if there are noises around.

I mean come on — the odds of having complete silence during a connection is low. Unless, of course, you are single, no children, no pets, and live in a house in the middle of nowhere. If you do not have all of that – then something can snap your connection. Who wants a connection to snap right in the middle of sexual intercourse? Not me – that’s for damn sure.

And seriously – that’s flipin’ annoying. The #1 reason of not having a strong telepathic sex/connection experience is because the connection is weak.

So what’s a telepathic sex experimenter to do?

Telepathic Sex Assistance

(when complete silence isn’t an option)

  • Wear headphones and play either soothing music or white noise on low. Personally, I like the white noise.
  • Wear, hold, or have next to you one or more of these stones: aventurine, emerald, fluorite, sphene, or zircon. These stones strengthen your concentration so that noises will not interfere as readily.
  • Repeat om to yourself until you feel steady and know you can hold the connection no matter what. Some days it will take 10 oms to get there, other days 50.
  • Realize that you may be interrupted and keep the telepathic sex short and to the point with kissing, fondling, stroking, and nibbling.

Of course the best thing you can do for telepathic sex concentration is to practice. Practicing telepathic sex…humm…sounds more like fun than work to me!

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