Telepathic Sex, Another Closet And Will!

Telepathic Sex, Another Closet And Will!

Will and his sexual energy are finally back. Thank god! I was getting complacent with my OBE fun! He’s not overly sexual like he has been in the past, but I hope that he changes that and sooner rather than later:) Telepathic sex with him is always sooooo much fun!

This sexual encounter happened this morning as I was considering waking up – about 6:00 am or so. He telepathically connected to me and I could see his wonderful blue eyes right off the spot. He pulled me into a hallway, I asked where we were – he said that I would realize it soon enough (I assumed he meant in the physical world). Next thing I know we’re ducking into a storage closet (what is it with him and small spaces). We get into the closet and move a metal desk in front of the door.

We’re kissing, rather passionately, tongues engaged in a forward dance of wanting. Heavy breathing – clutching one another like it’s been ages since we’ve kissed. His hand slipped beneath my shirt to cup my breast. His thumb lightly passed over my nipple and then back again. Miss me – he asked? I chuckled and thought to myself – what kind of question is that? To let him know that I did indeed miss him, I slowly unzipped his jeans and felt around inside. He stopped kissing me as I reached inside of his jeans — he was already as hard as a rock — nice to have physical proof that he missed me:)

Will likes to keep looking into my eyes when I do anything of a sexual nature to him. He’s almost seems transfix by staring at me – and of course if those baby blues are looking at me, I cannot help but stare back. With our eyes locked on one another I stroked his cock while his fingers stroked me (I had no recollection of my pants ever being undone – yet here we were). I’m sure he was glad for his instant proof that I missed him — I swear all that man has to do is walk into the room. I’m disgustingly easy when it pertains to him.

I reached in to kiss him- I could stand not having my lips on his – especially when the excitement was getting to me and I found my left hand digging into his shoulder as his left hand pressed harder into the small of my back. He pulled back – leaned in – I tried again, he pulled back. I told him not to tease me — give me his mouth! He continue to play the game. I stopped stroking him. He’s like – what — what did I do? In that moment of bewilderment – I grabbed him by the shirt, spun him around and slammed him onto the desk.

To say that shock was on his face would be an understatement — I told him, it’s been too long and I refuse to be teased. He swore not to do it again — this time. So kissing, stroking and petting we went — to a point where we were hot, bothered and extremely turned on (so much so that if anyone stepped in between us, they would have been dead). I had him sitting on the desk, with me straddling him. With every thrust we made, the metal desk hit the door of the storage closet. For some reason we didn’t really give a damn. In fact, the more noise the desk made , the more it spurred us forward. Sex sounds and metal – not sure what the erotic connection was there, but it was sensual.

I could tell he couldn’t last any longer – but I wasted ready yet – so I bit him – in the chest, his right (my left) 1/2 way between his nipple and armpit. That second of pain took his mind off of the deed at hand – long enough for us to cum together. Not one to hang around and be all lovey dovey – I told him not to wait so long next time. As I was breaking the connection I heard him yell – it goes both ways!

And it does – go both ways. Just like in the physical world, in the OBE world men like to be approached just as much as women do. This time around since he did the approaching – I took control. Next time when I instigate, I’ll let him be the Ride Master:)

I’ve had a few people email and say that they can tell I’m very creative by the stories I write. I can assure you that I write about experiences not stories. If they were just stories, then I would write when nothing happens and I can’t do that — I can’t sit at my computer and make something up – hence the gaps in posting. When you are engaged in OBE sex it feels as if your physical bodied are right there with one another. Don’t knock it till you try it:)

Oh – BTW — the title for the OBE book with be:

Out Of Body Ecstasy: The Anywhere – Anytime Orgasmic Experience.

Thanks to all who voted! Now all I have to do is finish writing it:)

Sunday I had a blast chatting about OBE Sex with Ed, Annette and Mercedes on Unexplained World: as well as giving each of the hosts a sexual energy reading.

Don’t forget to tune in every Wednesday morning for the Maria Shaw show on where I chat about OBE sex + the magical item of the week with Maria, Joe and Matt!

Sweet dreams!

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  1. Aunt Jackie

    I love reading about your experiences! I take them very seriously, and read mainly to learn more and get myself in the mindset to hopefully become more successful in these areas.

    Your entries, however entertaining, and creative yes (because you guys are actually choosing these scenarios when you meet for OBE sex), are wonderful! I just wish I had more success myself. One day when the time is right I guess. 🙁

    Your book title is PERFECT!! For the record, I voted for “Out Of Body Ecstasy” i just thought that was too perfect not to have in the title. Best of luck, and I can’t wait for it to be finished!

    Overly-wordy as usual, AJ
    ((rolls eyes)) 😀

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