Telepathic Sex Aid, And OBE Cheating!

Telepathic Sex Aid, And OBE Cheating!

I’ve looked back on the last 10 months or so since I’ve been writing about my OBE sex experiences – and between here and the stories I had from before June 2007 – there’s enough material to fill at least a couple of books. I can go days – even a couple of weeks with absolutely no OBE sex experiences. Then as if I was dropped into the midst of the OBE highway – they come at me one right after the other. No two sex experiences feel the same – no matter if they are with the same OBE partner or not. Unlike traditional physical sex, which can get monotonous and/or absent over time – OBE sex is never dull, lack luster or absent. If you are feeling frisky – there is always an energy out there who is willing to help you out.

In fact, I get offers all the time from energies who want to do the energetic tango with me. I turn most down preferring to stay within the closeness my soul cluster. But that is completely a personal decision.

I’ve been asked on numerous occasions if having OBE sex with someone other than their spouse, partner gf, bf, etc…considered cheating? In my view – no. Why? because in OBE sex, it’s pure energy and no physical parts merge. If you are in a relationship, OBE sex can help spice up your physical sex life with your partner as the intensity of the OBE encounters will turn your body on so much – that you will want to find relief with your physical partner. OBE sex isn’t replacement sex when you are in a relationship – it’s additive sex (meaning it ADDS to a relationship).

One last note about this – OBE sex is different from cyber & phone sex (which I do consider cheating) because with cyber/phone sex people usually do it so that they do not have to have sex with their partner. Two people on two separate ends of a computer/phone are getting each off so that they each can achieve a physical orgasm. Then each person who was engaged in the cyber/phone sex does not wish to have sex with their partner. This cheating OBE sex, cyber. phone sex is up to each individual person and their conscious. The above relates to my opinion only. Many people do not share my view.

I was asked the other day if I knew of any oils that could help strengthen a telepathic connection to make the telepathic sex easier to maneuver. Now you KNOW I do:)

Here’s the formula that I gave them – it’s from my Gypsy Magic For The Dreamer’s Soul book:

Telepathic Aid

The Best Time

Create this oil when the moon is full.


1/8 cup Base Oil (Almond, Aloe Vera, Apricot Kernel, Coconut, Grapeseed, Hazelnut, jojoba,Olive, Palm, Rosehip Seed, Safflower, Sunflower)

6 drops Jasmine

3 drops Mugwort

3 drops Rosemary

1/8 tsp. Orris Root

1 Tiny Faden Quartz Crystal, Herkimer Diamond or Tiger’s-Eye

1 Sterilized Glass Bottle with Lid


• Anoint yourself with a few drops on the the temples, third-eye (in the center of your forehead), neck at the base of the skull, top of the head, wrists and ankles, prior to trying to make a connection.

• Anoint candles and burn while you try to connect.

• Anoint stones/crystals.

• Place a few drops on a cotton ball or handkerchief and inhale when needed.

• Place a couple of drops in a diffuser.

• Add a few drops to a spray bottle full of spring water and spritz your body.

Making The Oils:

1. Place your base oil and essentials oils within reach.
2. Begin by visualizing your need or goal.
3. Once it is clearly formed in your mind, add the base oil to the jar.
4. Add the ingredients in one by one, swirling the jar clockwise to mix.Note how each ingredient affects the aroma of the oil.
5. Take your stone/crystal and place it in your projective hand.
6. Visualize your need or goal.
7. Once it has been clearly formed in your mind, pour your need into the stone/crystal.
8. Add the stone/crystal to the oils.
9. Seal the jar.
10. Store for three days (or at least overnight) before your first use.


Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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