Telepathic Sex, A Closet And Will!

Telepathic Sex, A Closet And Will!

I can tell Will is busy — when he is our encounters are short and to the point. He kept nudging me to join him in a telepathic connection. I put him off for a short spell, but really – do I ever say no to him?

We connect for telepathic sex and I find myself in a closet of all places. The closet is dark, but there is light coming in from under the door. People pass back in forth in front of the closet without giving it a second thought. You’re taking me out of some major creative writing – you do know that? Everyone needs a muse break – even you — he whispers in my ear.

His tongue lightly glides over my lips. I can feel my pulse race the instant he touches me. Our lips meet – very tenderly – our tongues probe one another. Every kiss, grows longer as the hunger intensifies. Our hands room, his hands are up under my shirt, bra undone, breasts fully exposed. He pushes my shirt up and grasps a breast with his hands, breaks our kiss and takes the nipple in his mouth. My hand grabs the back of his head and pulls him closer – asking for more — and more and more. My other hand is pressed against his back – I want him as close as I can get him.

His mouth lets go of my attention bound nipple and comes back to my mouth. Our kisses almost seem desperate — as if we can’t possibly get close enough, or move fast enough to satisfy the hot liquid that flows throughout our bodies.

All of our lower clothes are off. His cock stands poised to enter – when he stops kissing me and stares into my eyes. I swear that I could get lost in those beautiful blue eyes and never want to be found. He crushes his lips to mine as he enters me. A gasp escapes from both of us. He’s slow and deliberate – his pulls almost out and then thrusts back in. This goes on for a very short time, because I can’t take it, it feels as if my heart is going to jump out of my body – I’m lightheaded – so I grab onto his hips and urge him to move faster — which he does. Faster and faster our bodies move – the sounds of outside that closet are completely diminished as our breaths seem almost animalistic.

He wraps his arms around me as I lock my legs and arms behind him — within seconds we both climax and simultaneously orgasm. I no longer feel any connection to my body – if it were possible, I don’t think my energy body would want to return – but it does – and so does his.

Will pulls back and looks at me. Tears are in his eyes. He leans in, kisses me and disappears.

One thing I’ve noticed with Will and I — we can’t ever get close enough. Close is never close enough.

I’m back at my computer – energized and the muse is on fire!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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