Telepathic OBE Sex

Telepathic OBE Sex

As I’m sitting here writing my O Factor column for Pillow Talk, I notice that I am getting more questions about OBE sex. The mail man shows up and drops off the mail – in it is a letter from the Universal Light Show saying that I am talking about OBE sex during the expo this year. That made me think – oh crap, I have to finish the OBE book which leads to the light bulb moment that I haven’t written here in quite some time.

So for those of you who love and/or experiment with OBE sex, I will be chatting about it at the 2008 Universal Light Expo in Columbus Ohio on Oct 12th at 11:00 am. What a way to jump start a Sunday!

In case you are new to this blog – welcome! The OBE Sex Ecstasy blog does not deal with the drug ecstasy, rather the ecstasy one feel after dream, astral or telepathic sex. All the names in this blog are fictitious except for mine, Matt’s and Will’s. As always – I am looking for someone other than myself to write in this blog and share experiences. If you’re too shy to post on your own – I’d be more than happy to post for you.

I have been doing a lot of script writing – which is why I haven’t posted. I have been successfully shifting Will’s sexual energy to creative energy. Let me tell you – it is not an easy thing to do. Why? Because as soon as I sense him, all I want to do is latch into that telepathic connection and let him take me to wherever he wants to go and do whatever he wants to do.

But of course there are some times when I just can’t shift his energy or don’t want to. Today I decided to telepathically connect to him first. I “found” him at a desk writing. I could sense his head tilt ever so slightly as he sensed the energy surge of our connection. It’s not entirely correct to say “when we connect” as we’re always connected – but when there is conscious communication -the energy ramps up.

Anyways. I feel him stop writing and then allow the connection to open all the way. He mentions – well this is a change of pace. I don’t say a word, but nibble on his ear. I’m behind him (he’s sitting down) and slide my hands down his chest. I’m all over him, his ears, lightly biting on his neck. His breathing becomes deep, yet rapid. I can hear him mummer under his breath – Oh Jesus. I suggest that he would feel better if he were taking a shower. He pushes away from the desk and gets out of his chair immediately.

This is where it gets really interesting and a 1st for me — it’s like I have a split screen in my head – on one side it is us engaging in telepathic sex and the other is how he is reacting to it in the physical world. So I have to jump back and forth between the two to finish the experience.

T = Telepathic P = Physical

T = We’re in the shower. I have Will pressed up against the wall and despite his begging – I will not let him do anything to me except kiss. I’m alternating between deep, passionate kissing and kissing his neck, nipples, down his chest.

P = Will’s up against the shower wall. His eyes are closed, he’s breathing very heavy and it’s obvious he’s turned on.

T = Very slowly I’m working my way down his body to kiss his inner thighs. He is pleading with me to stop (as he knows what I’m up to) because he will not last at all. I smile and say – that’s the point – I don’t have time for anything lengthy. It’s amazing how his legs quiver under the touch of my lips – almost as if I was an electrical current.

P = He’s soaping up his hands – saying – damn you Allie.

T = My tongue is licking up and down his shaft, while my left hand slowly massages his balls.

P = His right hand is stroking while he leans against the shower wall.

T = He’s in my mouth and my hands are on his butt. His hands are in my hair. (I’d like to be more explicit here — but this isn’t the place — my book will be.)

P = He’s stroking faster. He now has turned and leaned onto the wall, his left hand uses that wall as support.

T = His body convulses as he releases.

P = His body convulses as he releases.

T = I smile up and him and say bye. Break the connection.

P = He’s still breathing pretty hard. He tells me to get back here – it’s his turn. He slides down the shower – exhausted.

That was fun! So funky with the split screen! And what am I going to do with all of this sexual energy I have coursing through my body? I know what I’d LIKE to do — but I’m going to shift it and write:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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