Telepathic Intimacy

Telepathic Intimacy

Many people ask me how I connect telepathically to my guys (or visa versa) in order to have telepathic sex. At the present the connection is as easy for me (and them) as tying my shoe. But the first several months it did take effort. And even though it is easy to now make the connection – it is because making the connection is utilized every day – although not just for sex. When you want to create a telepathic link to another person, realize that the one link is actually two links intertwined into one. There’s the emotional link between your emotions and the intellectual link between your minds. The emotional link is the harder of the two to let flow through as it requires trust with the other person (just like in the physical reality). Emotions are needed for telepathic sex. Without emotions you might as well be filing your nails or writing out your shopping list during sex!

When you create the telepathic link, imagine the target person as well as you can with every detail you can muster – smells, sounds, look, surrounding atmosphere. Once the link is made – both emotions and thoughts will flow back and forth between the two of you.

The target person will not always consciously know that you are connecting, but their subconscious will respond. If he or she is upset with you in any manner (consciously or subconsciously) they may block you. Telepathy only really works when the sender and receiver both allow it. That’s why when you have great telepathic sex – you know it is something that both you and the target person wanted. If one of you were not up to it (consciously or subconsciously) – then the connection would simply close.

Ted made a connection the other night. When I found him, he was sitting at a table with a half full whiskey bottle and a glass half empty of whiskey. I walked up behind him, and slid my arms around his shoulder. I let me hands trail down his chest so that my breasts were pushed against his back. I could feel his body shudder under my touch. I kissed his left ear lobe. He tilted his head to the right. I let my kisses travel down the side of his neck to his shoulder. His body was trembling. I glanced up at him and tears were flowing down his face. This caused a heaviness in my chest – my heart felt like lead.

I stood up straight and took the whiskey glass from his hand. I grasped his wrist, tugged a bit, and he stood. Without saying a word I led him to the bedroom. I sat him down on the edge of the bed. Standing in front of him I took off my clothes, starting with my short and ending with my panties. I then undressed him and had him lie back on the bed. Because we were telepathically connected, I knew he didn’t want sex – but the close intimacy that is brought forth with skin to skin contact.

I laid back on the bed and opened my arms. Ted snuggled in and I held him while he wept. When his tears were dry, we broke the connection.

Sometimes telepathic sex doesn’t involve sex – but intimacy — something all souls crave.

Crystal Sunshine!

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