Telepathic Foreplay, Sex and Being A Tease!

Telepathic Foreplay, Sex and Being A Tease!

Telepathic foreplay is great when you want to tease someone. You can get them turned on, hot and wet for when the two of you meet up physically.

So many people do not have the time for extended sexual sessions with their partner. What happens then? Sex is either put out to pasture or it’s hurried through so quickly that there is no real intimacy. By using telepathic foreplay sporadically during the day, a couple can fit sex into their hectic schedule.

Think of telepathic foreplay as a version of a telepathic suggestion. The connections are quick, to the point and always (obviously) involve some form of sexual foreplay.
The easiest and most effective foreplay methods include:

1.      Kissing the target person’s neck
2.      Nibbling on or blowing into the target person’s ears
3.      Giving the target person a quick flick of  your tongue up the center of their back
4.      Playing with the target person’s nipple – whether it’s licking, sucking, nibbling or fondling
5.      A quick couple licks in the target person’s groin
6.      Grabbing the target person’s butt

Happy OBE’ing!
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