Telepathic Foreplay, Dream Sex and the Universal Light Expo!

Telepathic Foreplay, Dream Sex and the Universal Light Expo!

I know it’s been far to long since I posted here – sorry about that. I’ve been too busy to post much of anything anywhere. But before I forget (again) if you are in Columbus Ohio this weekend, stop out and see me at the Universal Light Expo @ Veterans Memorial on Broad St. I’m in booth 894 (West Hall) – and I’m giving a talk about OBE Sex on Sunday 10/12 at from 11 – 11:50 am in room 201.

Vincent has really been with me all month long. Now Vincent is “Bob” from my previous posts here on OBE. My guides told me to put his real name which I have on my Allie’s Two Cents blog. I feel very protective about my encounters with him – to the point where I’m not too sure what I want to share with others. The energy is different with him than it has been with anyone else. Even if it is OBE sex and not body on body – the touches – kisses – even the sexual penetration feels so tangible. Sometimes I have to take a double take to make sure I’m not accidently in a virtual reality machine. Which – BTW – they should really have a machine/program geared towards sex that is virtual reality. If anyone knows of such a machine/program – let me know. If anyone with the know how wants to create one – get a hold of me.

Can you fathom that? Virtual reality sex? OBE sex is just that – so to speak – as the person you are with is not physically in front of you (most of the time). I did find some VR machines online – but they are geared to men only (shame on them) –I don’t think they quite get that pussy rules the world. If a woman’s happy – than everyone’s happy. If she’s pissed – then anyone within throwing distance is in danger. Something to think about….

Back to Vincent. It doesn’t matter where I have been – or what I’m doing – I can feel his lips kissing me. I can even feel when he shifts and the kiss turns passionate – I can feel his tongue exploring my mouth. It’s wild. And it makes it difficult to talk to someone else if I can feel this going on. When I was driving the other day – I could feel his tongue on my neck. I had to throw up my walls in order to drive safely. Every day there’s a chill that goes up my spine like he is trailing his tongue from my lower back to my neck. It’s all driving me crazy. My energy body is bouncing off the walls.

My guides keep telling me to stop before I write anything else and to post this. Not sure why – but I’ve learned to listen.

Hope to see you guys at the ULE!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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  1. Allie

    Hi Bagel23,

    Yes – it does feel like the physical counterpart. He could feel it as well, but he might not known what was going on – he could of just felt very turned on and the sensation of someone kissing him. My feel is that he knew exactly though what was going on.

    I teach classes on how to do this – they’ll start up again in the new year. I also so Sexual coaching, advice and plans – this can be found here: If you’d like – here are some of the basics:

    CS – Allie 🙂

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