Telepathic Foreplay, A Kiss And A Smile!

Telepathic Foreplay, A Kiss And A Smile!

Telepathic sex is such a wonderous thing — Will showed up today – just out of the blue and planted a telepathic kiss right on me. He hasn’t been around for awhile – so this was certainly a surprise. That’s all it has been for him today – kissing – a lot of kissing. I can feel his lips the most on the nape of my neck. He truly does know how to drive me crazy. The kisses are very soft with just a flick on the tongue. I can think of a hundred different places I’d love for him to put his lips nm my body – but I didn’t ask. I just sat back and enjoyed the visit – not wanting anything, not asking – just enjoying. He kissed my face, my neck, my ears for over 15 min. Each kiss better than the last. I could feel the pressure of his lips and then the zing of the energy behind it.

Before I knew it – he was gone.

Having telepathic foreplay with your partner or someone that you have feelings for is such a exciting, yet private, way to energetically show how you feel without anyone else knowing what is going on. In an ongoing relationship, this is a fabo way to get the sexual energy flowing before you see one another.

All you have to do is to concentrate on the person of your affection and imagine yourself kissing them. It’s just that simple.

Give it a try today and see what happens.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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  1. Bizarro Aunt Jackie

    (me again… too lazy to switch of course).

    I had to check the Will story. I’m so easily tempted… lol

    Kissing and kissing sounds fabulous. I love that. I relaxed on Veteran’s day and enjoyed a long afternoon of quiet time in my bed just working on these types of things… was nice.

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