Ted's Marriage, Dream Visits And Dreamers!

Ted's Marriage, Dream Visits And Dreamers!

Ted’s getting married to the vamp by year’s end. Had I been invited to the wedding, I would have been stumped at what to wear. Either an all black dress or pants suit with a nice skull & crossbones brooch. This man sure does love the life of hard knocks. But as you all know, if we don’t learn our lessons, we’re doomed to keep repeating them. Tracey and I discussed what would come 1st – rehab, divorce or a body bag. We both agreed rehab and then divorce. There will be a point where he’s so drugged up on something that he will not be able to do his job effectively. I wonder if Bill made the guest list? If so – I wonder if he’ll actually go. Maybe he can slip back to see the groom and try to knock some sense into him before marriage #4 is a done deal.

I’ll tell you what – I learned my lesson about being dependant on others for survival. I will not be doomed to repeat it! Now part of both Bill and Will’s lessons are to allow other people in. So I wonder how that will work with them and me? Like everything else, time will tell.

My goal this last weekend was to work on DREAMERS again. I got my notes back from my manager and I’m heading in the right direction. But my son got the flu – so that dashed that. He’s home from school – but he is doing much better. Me – I still have my cough and congestion although I don’t think it’s as bad as last week.

Bill’s energy is around pretty strong lately – but he and Will can co-mingle in the same energy space without any drama. Every night they are both in my dreams, but their dream visits are separate from one another. Bill and I spend a lot of time chatting about things while Will shows up to help me do something – whether it be pack for a trip, go shopping, cook, etc…. Humm…if I think about that it seems that Bill is a talker and Will is a doer — I personally prefer a doer — I’ve had enough talkers in my life. Discovering bits about the guys I always find interesting.

I keep forgetting that I have my Star Ruby ball. When I do remember having it – I place it in my bra so that it sits in the middle of my chest. It helps chill out my coughing.

I feel this pull to get into a session, I’m not sure why the pull — nothing of a major sorts is coming up — or at least I thought so. Let’s see what’s up! I grab my healing wand and enter into a mist. When I emerge, Ethan is standing there – nothing else. No scenery, no people – nadda. So I ask – what did I do now? He places his right and on my left shoulder and says: 2008 is going to be a very busy year for you – from Jan 1st forward. Some would call it stupid busy. Because of this it is imperative that you get “Dreamers” done now. That is your ticket to the next step and it has to be almost complete by year’s end. So you need to get that draft to her this week. I look at him — you pulled me into a session to tell me that? He says – you weren’t listening. I’m like – oh yes I was. He says – you remember what got your so interested in screenwriting again? I nod and says yes – Lord of the Rings. He says – exactly — and it is no coincidence that all 3 Lord of the Rings came on yesterday back to back and you just happened to stumble across them when you never have the TV on – especially on weekends. It’s to spur you forward – for no other reason than you to get moving on the screenwriting. It’s imperative that you finish this now. Make it at the top of your list – everything else comes second, except for the care of your son & animals. Doing readings, other writing, Christmas decorating, personal life, sleeping, eating — all go to the way side for the next 2 weeks. Do you understand? Yes I do.

And that was that. Personal life? What personal life – lol. Gee – I wonder where my focus will be for the next 14 days? The last time I was pulled aside and told to finish something was the Gypsy Magic books – and I ignored that and paid a price. I’m not about to make that mistake again…

Talk to you later…

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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