Ted, Will And The Skank!

Ted, Will And The Skank!

Before I went to bed last night, I grabbed my deck of nature-speak tarot cards and asked up my upcoming dream time with Will. The cards basically said – nope, nadda, no dream time together. Confused as to what in the world was going on – I brushed it off and got ready for bed. As I was lying down I heard Edward say – you’re not visiting Will tonight. I’m like – WHAT! Come on — why not? Edward said – because Ted needs you – he’s in a bad way emotionally and needs more of your energy. I asked if I could visit Will after Ted, and Edward said that it’s a given but I won’t remember any of it. Damn it — I thought to my self.

I reached out to Ted and I could see him with a bottle of gin, in the dark, just drinking away. Around him was a bunch of little black bugs – I call them negativity bugs – that you really had to push away in order to see him. Through a back door I see that girlfriend of his, looking happy and chipper – seems she was just out with some friends. She says something derogatory about Ted – about his age and that he’s a has-been, grabs a set of keys and leaves again. That’s when Ted put down the glass and started to chug from the bottle. Wow — it was a bad scene. I told Edward that I had to get to Ted’s subconscious – he agreed. I went to my dream portal and entered Ted’s subconscious.

It was a scene right out of a Tim Burton movie – very dark, very wacky and out there. I could see Ted being controlled by puppet strings. I tried to get Ted’s attention, but all I could do was see him cry. The strings wouldn’t allow him to face my direction – so all he could do was cry. I went to approach Ted, and these creatures popped out. Now had this been my dream, let me tell you I would have woken myself up. It was such a dark, disgusting place. Off to my right I sensed something, turned and saw Bill! He asked if I needed any help – and I said yes. Off to my left Will showed up — that’s what we’re here for Will said.

Bill and Will kept the dark creatures busy while I went up and behind Ted – turned my right hand into a blade and cut the puppet strings. He fell and Bill ran and caught him while Will was using magic to keep the evil at bay. I heard Will yell that he couldn’t keep these guys busy for much longer and that we had to get Ted out now. Bill told Ted – don’t worry buddy, we’re here for you. Ted’s eyes searched for me – once he found me he said – thank you.

I woke up with a start. My heart was beating so hard. I was sweating. I turned the light on and my cats were just staring at me – my black lab, Brodie, came trotting over to the bed. I got up, got a glass of water, went to the bathroom, checked on my son (who is sick again), told all of the animals that I’m cool – and went back to bed.

But I left my light on. That skanky bitch of a girlfriend — ughhhhhh, why does he let her control him? . I know that I should be all loving — etc….but if someone screws with my son, my family or my guys — and hell hath no fury. Since I know the wench can’t survive in white light — that’s what I’m going to bathe her in — that is one of my missions for the day. The other one is infusing Ted with as much white light love and power as I can muster.

Any ways — the only dream I remember after that was my great aunt Helen buying another restaurant — seems in the dream every time she finds a good place to eat – she bought it. In real life the woman has a ton of money and as far as I know, no restaurants. Go figure.

So I woke up this morning and no Will. I tried to telepathically connect and I hit a wall. Dumbfounded, I got up and went along with my morning. I’m in the shower and I hear Will say – Hi! And where have you been? Was my response.

W: I didn’t mean to distract you.
A: Distract me?
W: Yeah, from writing — that wasn’t the result I was looking for.
A: Well what in the hell did you expect? And — by the way, I’m still writing.
W: But not fueled by passion.
A: I wouldn’t go that far….
W: When was the last time a story kept you up all night? How long has it been since a story drove you to write?


W: Al?
A: It’s been awhile.
W: Exactly!
A: So what are you trying to be, my muse?
W: You have a God given talent that you’re just pissing away.
A: So is that a yes?
W: Damn it – yes.
A: So we have to figure out how to have your energy inspire me creatively and not sexually.
W: No more sex for you.
A: What! Now come on….
W: Okay, maybe sometimes.
A: I do have other sources.
W: We talked, and they’re behind me 100%.

I’m grumbling in the shower — now saying anything to him, just cussing to myself.

W: I can hear that.
A: Good – saves me from saying it.

Will SIGHS big time.

W: Stop being so damn difficult.
A: Did you ask your guru how to channel the energy better so that I can get it to spur me on creatively?
W: He said that we have to figure out.
A: Oh, well what good is that?
W: Oh — do you tell people how to do things? Or do you make them figure it out?


W: That’s what I thought. You and I both know that unless someone figures it out on their own that they won’t take it seriously.
A: You’re not REALLY going to leave me alone are you?


Allie smiles.

A: Good.
W: The writer’s strike, it’s your in — don’t waste it.
A: I won’t.
W: Love you Allie.
A: Love you too.

And that was that…

That is the one thing I love about telepathic communications – I remember every last detail.

Now to turn Will’s energy into more of a muse than a sexual thing. This isn’t going to be easy. As soon as his energy touches me, (well it always is touching me, but you know what I mean) being turned on is an immediate response. I can do this…

Back to work I go…

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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