Ted, Telepathic Sex And Anger Management!

Ted, Telepathic Sex And Anger Management!

I have good days and bad days. Yesterday – not so good. Today – bad in the morning and it’s getting better as the day goes on. I woke up at 2:15 am last night and I could not go back to sleep. When I finally had a chance to doze off – my son came bouncing in on me. Now the kid is out of school. Yesterday was his last day of Kindergarten and I had to drag him out of bed at 8:00. Today – a day where he could sleep in as he doesn’t start day care until Monday – he’s up at 6:00 am – shakes head – sometimes I just can’t win:) On top of no sleep I am breaking in a new pair of reading/computer glasses – so this is a lot of fun:) It feel like a constant headache right behind my eyes. But at least my brain and my intuition are still working just fine.

Now what woke me up at 2:15 am? Ted. I awoke out of a dream visit with him. We were checking out of a swanky hotel and moving back home — so it felt like this hotel was our home for a period of time. Then I heard a boom or something and the dream visit was over. So I’m guessing something woke him up — of course it could have been something on my end too, but he wasn’t ready to break that connection yet. Oh no – he wanted to telepathically link – and boy did he.

I’m guessing that he and psycho girlfriend must of split up for good as he has had some major sex on his mind. No big complaints from me – although I would have liked to go back to sleep. He was very much into kissing. And the kissing did not stay at my lips either. He was very hungry, very expressive during this session. He kept saying how tired he was of being apart. Every place he kissed me I could feel an intense heat on my physical body. He was driving me crazy and I kept telling him – abet weakly – that I needed to sleep. When you can feel someone down on your lower half – so to speak – but you “know” that there is no one physically there — it’s maddening. Something clicked then and I turned into the aggressor, which doesn’t happen so very often. And by the exclamation in his voice/thoughts – I could tell he was pretty happy with the switch. Now I don’t know how exactly I could bring sex toys into the telepathic mix, but I did – a vibrating cock ring to be exact. And BTW — from personal physical experience – these things really are a gem:) Anyways – it surprised him as much as it did me when all of a sudden it was there. It worked just as well on the OBE plane as it did on the physical plane. Next thing I can remember I was dozing off to sleep – with him saying ‘I Love You” in my ear.

Now when I do physically meet Ted later on this year – and this is something that I just “know” will happen, I wonder how I’ll act? Will I be cool about it? Will me knees go weak? Will I be able to form complete sentences? What will he do? His reaction? I know that all of these things are in the future and I need to concentrate on the present — but I like to give it a think every now and again.

It’s too damn hot here — it’s supposed to be in the 70’s, not 90’s. I have a poop load of email I need to get to. So if you’ve emailed me and you are waiting for a return email – hang in there! As long as my sister does not have that baby this weekend – I should be able to get caught up — knock on wood:)

Also this weekend I hope to write the Shamanism part of the gypsy magic book and have my part of the book done so that I can move forward with the OBE sex area. It dawned on me either last night or early today that this is what I’ll be known for – mostly – my experience with OBE sex – at least in the immediate future. Also how past lives tie into the picture, soul mates/soul circles – etc….eventually I won’t be doing readings — at least as many as I do now or am doing to make ends meet. If you can think of any names I can call the OBE sex part of my site/book/blog let me know. The OBE sex will deal with telepathic, dream and astral sex.

I started to see a shrink today for my anger/anxiety management when it pertains to my life change. I’m not used to being in such a down place more times than not – so I thought it would help along with the low dose of drugs they stuck me on. The guy is great. He’s a psychologist who is spiritually advanced and doesn’t look down on what I do for a living ( a rarity in Amish hell – trust me). We discussed things today and concluded that strength wise – self-esteem wise I’m tops. What I need to do is to remember how to relax. So we’re going to work on a guided mediation once a week for the next 4 weeks. My 1st thought when he introduced himself was – one of his purposes in this life is to have me stay on my path. I know that sounds a bit selfish (or maybe I just think it does) – but that’s/I’m one of his main reason’s he got into the field he did and how we both ended up in Wooster Ohio. It was cool to realize that from the get go:) The Divine is placing all the tools/people I need in my path for me to continue forward. And for that I am very grateful.

Another thunderstorm is on the way — maybe this time it will cool things down!

Talk to you later…..

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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