Ted, Soul Circle And Playgirl!

Ted, Soul Circle And Playgirl!

I get really edgy if I do not have a chance to do a session after awhile — and that edginess is here. So I’ve put some things on the back burner for the next 20 min or so and I’m going to dive right in.

I immediately arrive in a vastness of white light. Everywhere I look that is all I can see. The white is wavy, almost as if it were a huge Moonstone I stepped into. I hear something off to my right and look — it’s Ted! With a twinkle in those fabo green eyes, he flashes me that drop dead smile and even here I can feel my knees go weak. I give him a big hug and tell him that it’s been awhile since I’ve seen him. He knows, but it hasn’t been from a lack of him trying, he just couldn’t get to me.

I wonder why, I ask, I wonder why there was a block? Ted shrugs and answers, I’m not sure, but when you asked Tracey about me is when the door opened for me to reach you again. Ted scowls….It could be that you have been too wrapped up in Will?

I sigh — I haven’t been too wrapped up in anyone but work. Will’s there – he is always there and he’s not demanding like two other people I know.

Ted grumbles something under his breath that I have no idea what it is — but my guess is that it wasn’t very nice.

Do you know Will?

Ted shakes his head — no.

Hummm….maybe I am supposed to meet him first and become friends with him on the physical plane. And then since you and Bill are friends — me and Will will be friends — and the 4 of us will then meet.

Ted thinks about this for a bit. He says — do you think he is one of us…that he’s in our inner group?

I’ve actually been thinking about this — I think that he is. I had thought it was Larry — but now with Will I know I was wrong. You have us 4 – me, you , Bill and Will. Each of us has what I call a protector – a intertwined person of our soul family. I have Larry, you and Peter, Bill and Clive and Will and John. So us 4 are the core of our unit, and those 4 are the 1st layer.

Ted throws his arms around me — well the only connection I’m interested in right now is this one. You know I’ve been to your web site? I had a feeling, I reply. I also stopped by your blog — Bill and Ted — that’s pretty good. I know, I smile, it just came to me.

No matter what Bill, Will or Santa Claus says…..I will not let you go. Not this time, not again.

Why don’t we just worry abut meeting in real life first — and then I WILL decide who I want to be with if anyone. Who knows, you guys might all piss me off in person.

I’ll make it my goal to make sure I make your knees weak in real life. I smile — he smiles too.

I can hear my son in the background calling me. I’ve got to go…I say. Ted kisses me and replies — I’ll see you tonight — sweet dreams.

And in a flash I was done!

That rascal Ted……he is something else. I have been thinking a lot on if Will was the 4th and not Larry. It didn’t make sense to me that Clive, or Peter was in the core and Larry was. So now that I have realized Will – it does make sense. It also makes sense to me that I will meet Will and form a friendship/biz relationship with him and then the 2 of us meet Bill and Ted. I had time to kill at the airport and on the plane going back and forth to NYC last week.

BTW…the Playgirl party was a blast! King Lexus..Mr. February…is as nice as he is sexy. Had a couple of very nice conversations with him. I bet airport security had a riot looking through my suitcase on the way home (I had one of those annoying pamphlets that they did) as I had my Playgirl magazine, my Whispers Media CD (Just The Two Of Us), a couple of packets of lube and a vibe that attaches to your panties– all were in my party goodie bag.

While in NYC I took my 1st cab ride and had my 1st private car ride back to the airport. I was supposed to take a shuttle back to the airport, but they were really late. When the Bellmen realized what was going on (Holiday Inn Downtown Manhattan/Soho) they called a company car and off I went to the hotel. I was very thankful for those two and the driver was great. Got me to LGA in under an hour — amazing!

I have a feeling that something major — in a good way — is going to come down the pike for me in February. Not sure what yet, except that it impacts many facades of my life.

Back to work I go!

Have a great evening!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

PS: Don’t forget to take a look at all of the notice posting below this entry!

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