Ted, Radio Show and I Deserve It!

Ted, Radio Show and I Deserve It!

Yesterday was Ted’s birthday – hard to believe he’s 52. When I’m strongly connected to him there is such sadness. I hate that he feels old, worthless and that his life has been a joke. Once I realize that it his energy and not mine causing the depressing feelings (I too felt like my life was a joke and that what I did for a living was useless) I sent back love and support. I did that for the rest of Sunday evening until I went to sleep. I woke up feeling much better – which meant Ted felt better.

I’m hoping that Ted gets his life together. He has not had the best personal life. Professional could have been better – but really it hasn’t been that shabby. I keep hoping the universe puts us together so that we at least can be friends. I think that I could help him immensely if given a chance. I love that man — I just want to help him. Come on universe….

Getting geared up to start the Allie Theiss Show on blogtalk radio. No worries – the podcast will still be around on Mondays:) I know the time slot I want – 9 to 11 pm. I had thought about 8 – 10 pm. Humm…..which one do you guys think works better?

The format for the show is nothing like the Ask Allie podcast. Show will start will some chat by me, then numerology overview of the day. Bring on a guest for the next 30 min. Do some readings for the next 15 min. See if they want to stick around a little longer – come back and do a quick rune overview of daily lessons – then off to the daily topic (if the guest doesn’t want to stay – I’m solo here). This topic can really be anything – from UFO to sex to magic to healing to politics. It really is whatever I feel like talking about. I’m making the 2nd half where the topic is just in case I do want to talk about a more adult topic.

I’m also thinking Mon – Fri from 8 – 10 (or 9 – 11). Thoughts? It’ll cost me the same if I do 5 days a week or just 1 – I’m going on Blogtalk. Too many days? Maybe 3x a week? Tues – Thurs? Input please!!

So much to do once school is out. 4 more class days (2 wks) then it’s finals week. Still have 2 research papers to write – but they are on subjects I like. Sexual drive (1 paper) and Book of the Dead (2nd paper).

I’ve had a few people ask for me to put my donation button back on Gypsy Advice and my blogs. They would like to send me money but they do not wish anything in return. I thought that was really nice. I don’t like asking for money without giving something in return. But one of the lessons I have to master is being open to receiving. I’m good at giving – not so good at receiving, So the button is back up — on  the right side.  I admit – Little Black Kitty needs his shots and get fixed as I think there are still places in my house he hasn’t sprayed. Scrappy Doodle needs some dental work – he’s had a rotten tooth for awhile now. Gimli is behind on his shots and Samantha has to go back to the vet for her thyroid. I should hold a sign that reads “Will work for vet bills” lol. Any ways – any money is appreciated at any time.

I have a friend I’ve been bff with since kindergarten. No matter our age, everything always seems to work for her. No matter where we would go for the last 39 yrs, she always attracted the opposite sex (yes, even in kindergarten/1st grade boys were drawn to her like a magnet) even through she wasn’t “beautiful”. Good looking – yes, but not model good looking. She also has never had a problem with money. Always had enough and usually extra. So finally after 39 years I asked her why did she think she always got everything she wanted (also has 4 kids and a good husband). She looked at me and laughed….”Because I deserve it that’s why.” It was as simple as that. She has always been a confident person and her statement that she deserved it was well said and delivered. I wonder how many of you (myself included) does not display this type of boldness – and because of this have missed out on some things that we should have experienced years ago? Ever since that talk – I start my day thinking good thoughts and then I tell myself – I deserve it!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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