Ted, Josh And The Dream Question!

Ted, Josh And The Dream Question!

Okay, so I said I’d give you guys an update on if I got an answer to my Josh question. This is what I remember of my dreams:

I did meet Josh in the club. But he had to leave. I saw Ted, he saw me. And we would move through the club looking at one another but not saying anything. This club was attached to a hotel and also to my best friend’s church. I had a book on magic and people where having a fit. Then the book turned into one on psychic senses. There was a man here, good looking, who taught preschool and I wanted to get his opinion on tests. We never talked. Instead my friend and I walked all over the church and she showed me a bench with what reminded me of a family shrine. It was their garden in this church – with a bench and behind it a large garden box. There were rows of these garden boxes that belonged to dozens of families. In the box there were flowers, a musical keyboard made of flowers, odd and ends for the kids – a baseball, a glove – all with flowers/shrubs and a wooden memorial to my friend’s husband. Had him with a stubble face, it was in bronze, in wood and the wood end had that shinny lacquer over it. I knew that this was my favorite place in this big garden, but I never saw this planting thing until now. I saw Ted again outside.

I’m in a room with 2 girls and one guy – small room. Ted was here to, just watching us.

At the end I’m in that bar/club again. I see him coming towards me in a blue jacket and a newspaper in hand. I jump up and say, Ted. He smiles at me and we go to another table. We hug. He said that everywhere he looked he would see me – that I must want something. When he saw me here in the club, he like — alright now, I must have to chat with her. And this is why he came over. He talking to me about telepathy and an ancient tribe – I can’t remember where, but part of me wants to say South America or Mexico (although as I typed that Tibet popped in my mind) who used telepathy between those who were soul mates and that he and I must be. I was half listening, nodding in agreement, playing with his hair. His hair felt like it hadn’t been washed in awhile, it was long and unkempt. I thought to myself how handsome he is now — but more so when he combs/washes his hair. I told him that I truly didn’t want anything from him but his love. He smiled and said he could do that. Goes on to say that he never wants me to go. I see flash of the Ritz hotel in NYC – the gold trim on the building up top.

I left the club with my husband and son. Ted was sitting with my friend. I took a sticker and on apiece of paper I was to place my phone number and use the sticker to stick it to a flower pot. But I woke up.

The parts with Ted were so vivid, so real — that I know he had to feel it too….and conscious remember. Even if he didn’t grasp all of it.

In between seeing Ted, I walked into a big “something” for Bill, like he was being honored – he was there. He saw me, I saw him, we nod but never speak. I left the room and went out to keep looking for Ted – this was still in the same hotel/club/church. Although when Ted would show up, it wasn’t that I was looking for him, but more that he was looking for me. But – I don’t think that was the case either (as he thought I was looking for him). What I think is that our minds were so in tune with one another that we simply kept showing up at the same place.

I think that Josh was a messenger for Ted and that it was his pull to get me to this place so that Ted and I could have this talk. Now how Ted and Josh are connected to one another, I don’t know. We’ll see if Josh arrives on the scene any more!

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!

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