Ted, Jeff And The 1920's Past Life!

Ted, Jeff And The 1920's Past Life!

My mood has improved – greatly. Thankfully I am the type of person that when I’m down it’s never for long. But I think I’m about to get irritated because I am being yanked into a session. I had someone ask me once — how do you get pulled into a session? I keep hearing a person’s voice until I go into the session – then they leave me alone:) Toady I hear two men – Ted and a new guy named Jeff.

I’m in a room and I can see Ted throwing clothes into a suitcase. There is another suitcase open and it appears that my stuff is being thrown into there. I ask Ted what in the hell is he doing with my clothes? He tells me that we are leaving, that it is no longer safe here. I’m like – what are you talking about? That’s when I hear Jeff — he says — he’s trying to keep you from me.

I turn and ask Jeff – what are you doing here? He smiles — you dreamed with me last night didn’t you? I nod. And what did I say — do you remember? Sure, I say, you commented that you’ve been looking for me for 7 years. Yes, Jeff says — 7 long years and I’m not about to let you disappear.

What’s the big deal with you two? I didn’t even know you two knew each other.

Ted – we don’t and that is the way it is going to stay.

Jeff looks at me – you don’t remember do you? Obviously not — as I don’t know what in the hell is wrong with you two.

After Ted killed Bill —

You mean back in the 1920’s? I ask.

Yes – after he killed Bill, what kind of man do you think Teddy here was?

I shrug – I don’t know?

How can you not remember? You’re psychic for God sake.

Ted stands in between us and stares down Jeff. Leave her alone.

He beat you, Jeff pushes Ted out of the way, he beat you every day all the time. And he had whores, dozens of them. Until I killed him, until I took you away from all that and treated you how you should of been treated. We had a long and wonderful marriage until you died, and I died shortly afterwards.

I move away from both men. I don’t remember that part of the past life.

Ted moves to me – I’m not like that in this life, I would never do that to you. I want to cherish you, to love you and take care of you.

Jeff moves next to Ted and I. I’m not here to mess anything up with anyone. Think about it Allie, think about when I show up in your life — it’s usually when something major happens, a life change – right?

I agree since the last time was when I was pregnant and my son was born (age 32) — time before that I was getting divorced (age 24) — time before that I tried to kill myself (age 16). Seems like every 8 years — but this time 7 — I ask him if he’s early this time. He says no — you’re ahead of schedule.

And with that all disappears and I’m done.

I did dream about Jeff last night — it was strange as I was so shocked to see him — and it seemed him me. Jeff is 2 years older than me with dark hair and beautiful brown eyes. I’m going to have to go back and learn more about this past life.

I’ll be interested to see what happens — or if why he is here is to help with what I decided over the weekend.

As always – time will tell.

BTW…if you sent me an email — I am so incredibly busy right now that my email is backed up worse than it’s been for months. So please be patient with me;)

And LOST starts tonight – Whoo Hoo!

Crystal Sunshine!

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