Ted, His Mum And A Dream!

Ted, His Mum And A Dream!

I have to get this down while it is still fresh in my mind. Bill and I are chatting it up outside a white, modern-looking building – shaped as a triangle. From what I can remember, it reminds me of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame here in Cleveland — although I don’t know how white that building is. Any way – we are having a good time. Very friendly, laughing away. Then my cell rings and it’s Ted. We’re chatting – about what I don’t know – but Bill keeps bugging me, like tickling and kissing my neck so that I cannot pay attention to Ted on the phone. I do tell Ted that Bill is right here and he’s being rude. Ted said we’ll talk later. Okay I say, hang up and I turn my phone off.

Now I’m with my mom in a theater to watch a movie. As we are waiting for it to begin, I try to call Ted – it goes straight to his voice mail. Wondering what’s up – I decided to check my voice mail. In there I have a message from him. He is very broken up – very upset. His mum had just died (she is alive right now in real life) and he was besides himself. He had no one to comfort him and he felt alone and cold. Then there was a silence and he just started crying and wouldn’t stop. I looked over at my mother at told her that Ted’s mum just died and that I had to get to London. We got up and was leaving the movie as it began.

Then I woke up.

I hope Ted’s mum is okay. I’ve had a sense of worry about him worrying about her for some time now. But in turn she’s worried too much about him as his life is well —- pretty much up in the air at the moment. Oh – and the she-devil I think is back in his life – again. Definite cause for a mum to be worried – even if her son is 47.

It could be that I’ve been so focused on Bill for the moment (he is the strongest one coming through) that I am neglecting Ted and he needs me.

Food for thought during my morning shower.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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