Ted, Dreams And Change!

Ted, Dreams And Change!

Okay, to keep my sense of humor today in the midst of a God awful pile of work, I sung Barry Manilow songs all day — and lost my voice. Yep, that’s right — the Manilow made me lose my voice. My two favorites today – Daybreak and I Can’t Smile Without You. With those two songs I’d actually get up and dance like I was on stage. America’s Funniest Home Videos would have had a field day with me! So if I had so much work and the odds of me being tired are high — why aren’t I in bed? Cause it’s LOST night silly — that’s why. The only time I would miss my man Sawyer is if I wasn’t home or dead. And I guess if I’m dead I’m not home — right?

But all in all I have been in a great mood today — despite losing the voice, the work and the temperature changing from 75 yesterday to 20 today. I’ve got that feeling — you know the one — that feeling that something else just fell into place and that something is going to change because of it? It’s right there — just on the outskirts of my life — just waiting for that moment when it can step in and change my life. I can feel it’s energy – it’s excitement to shift my life in a new direction. I for one told it to come on — I’m ready!

I had that feeling today that Ted had stopped by the blog. Maybe not today or yesterday — but it was recent. He knows he’s Ted and that shit-ass grin of his is plastered on his face. Although he’s not entirely sure how to approach me. Could this be the change I’m sensing — that change that is waiting in life’s wings? I honestly don’t know — but I hope that he’s at least part of it. But in the mean time he is still in my dream visits.

Last night he wanted me to go to London with him. We were in, I think NYC. I asked why….he said he had something to show me. We arrive at a castle — I know from past visions and such that this is Dunshine Castle. We walk inside and it is as it’s always — dirty and hasn’t been used in forever. He announces that he wants me to move to London and that he’ll buy this castle for us to live in. I replied that I have animals and a son and I can’t just pick them up and move them over the pond to live in an old, drafty castle. He replied – aye – I had thought of that. He proceeds to tell me that he has plans on updating the castle and getting it in livable condition. I asked how — this has to be more money than you have….it’s too much. He shakes his head and said — I sold me club. I knew what he meant — and it shocked the hell out of me. I opened my mouth to protest — and he said he’d do anything in the world for me. Then — that kiss. Damn him — even as I woke up my knees were weak! I could still feel his lips pressed to mine. Oh how I wanted to go back…..but no such luck…it was time to get up. But that kiss set me off on the right foot – that’s for sure:)

So Ted’s birthday is coming up and I sent him a present. I know he’ll like it….call it an intuitional feel if you will:) But more important than that is that he will “get” it — he will know why I sent what I sent. God I love it when a plan comes together!

There was something else in my dreams last night that I think are worth writing down. I’m in a class room full of kids. A good chunk of them are from the movie “Remember The Titans” especially Gerry Bertier (not the actual Gerry, but the actor playing Gerry – but playing Gerry) — behind me was the principal which I didn’t see, but that I think it was Will. Gerry wanted his pencil sharpened — so I sharpened it with a manual pencil sharpener (you know the kind they have at schools or had on the wall near the door or chalk board). I made a comment about the point and he yanked it from my hands. Before I could say anything, the principal (which I think was Will) started to say something to him. I next remember looking at this bag of candy this girl had — it was unusual and two of the hard candies were a light blue and a violet. It was commented that she was handing them out to the Hollywood stars as they drove by and usually they just pitch what people give them. But when they tried the candy they were hooked. It was homemade and simply delicious. I remember rthe light blue had a tropical flavor to it — maybe pina colda. Next I was in an elevator with three other women. As the white elevator with a triangle top climbed – it liked to swing side to side — so we had to hold on. Very odd.

Off to get ready for LOST — have a great night!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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