Ted, Bill, Will And Tracey!

Ted, Bill, Will And Tracey!

Finally — I woke up this morning with this email waiting for me…

Hi, Allie. I went to bed and set the intention for a dream visit. I had a dream visit with Bill. We were on an airplane together. He had all these papers he was working on – lots of paperwork. He said, see how busy I am and yet I have time to meet with you. I said yes. He told me he was pissed at Will because he is not answering him – not responding. He said he had a solution to that – he would just get in his face until he answers.

I asked him where we were going and he said where else? NYC. I said okay. He told me he was going to keep on bugging Will until he got mad – angry – cried or something.

So, the plane lands. A limo is waiting and Ted is leaning against it waiting on us. He comes over and helps Bill with his bags. He goes to take Bill’s brief case thingie and Bill says no let me keep this.

We get in the limo and Ted says, want a drink? Bill says no! And, we need to talk about the drinking. Ted rolls his eyes while making himself a drink. He tells Ted that he cannot take watching him kill himself. Ted says he’s going to be around forever and not to worry about it. Bill tells Ted he needs to look in the mirror as he looks like shit – looks like he’s aged 10 years. Ted says he’s not stopping and doesn’t want to talk about it or else they will just fight. Bill says okay.

We get to this hotel. Its a really nice one – we check into the hotel. Bill asks me where my bags are and I said I did not bring any as I did not think I was staying. He says, no problem, here is my credit card. Get some stuff from the shops on the first floor and meet us in our room which is room number 311. I say okay. I go to the shops down there and buy some clothes, toiletries, etc.

I go into the bathroom and get in a stall and call you on your cell phone to tell you what is going on so far. You tell me not to let Bill go off on Will as Will is not going to respond well to it anyway and they will just butt heads and nothing will get accomplished. I say okay. I hang up. I go up to room 311.

I get there and Bill is on the phone arguing with someone about speaking to Will. Ted rolls his eyes at me and says are we having fun yet, wanna go to the bar? Bill is half listening and he shakes his head no – to me – so that I say no. I tell Ted no, lets just stay in and have a drink. He says okay lets go on the terrace.

Then Bill hangs up and comes out onto the terrace and takes our drinks and empties them over the side of the terrace. He says to Ted – I mean it – STOP. Bill goes into the bathroom. Ted grabs my hand and starts pulling me out of the room. I am thinking to myself how do you say no to these guys! So, we go down to the bar. We are sitting there a few minutes and Will walks in.

He sits next to us. He says call Bill and tell him to come down here. We can talk here as long as he can be civil.

We call Bill and he comes down. So, he tells Will that he’s not going to yell or argue but that he is angry with him. He’s angry because he’s not answering his calls and angry because he did not show up for the meeting – he’s angry because he’s hurting Allie.

Will says that he is sorry that his actions are hurting Allie, that it is the last thing he would want to do. He tells Bill the truth is he is freaked out – not sure what to do – he’s angry and upset because Allie is seeing someone. He’s deeply hurt by it and he feels that perhaps Allie is happy without him.

Bill cuts him off and says – save it Will – go get the girl – get over yourself – what are you, a pus? She met someone – so what – go and get her – stop pouting like a baby! He tells him that he does not blame Allie for seeing someone since Will is afraid of his own shadow and will not come forward. He tells Will he needs to deal with his fears and insecurities and stop thinking and start acting.

Will says that he’s struggling right now with all of this – and Bill say boo hoo – Will – do something or everyone loses – this is on you!

Then Will says no it was on you and you did not do anything and now you want me to and I am just trying to process my feelings and decide what is best for me!

Bill says – you are so stubborn and hard headed – and analytical – and just annoying – and Will says well look in the mirror -everything that annoys you about me is within you!

Bill laughs. Will says he has something he wants Bill to look at and Bill says funny I have something I want you to look at. So, we go back to the room. They are comparing information from your website but I can’t see what it is. Then Will says – right, that makes sense. That’s what I will do then and I will see you next week. He leaves. Bill smiles and Ted and I look at each other like WTF?

I wake up.

I can vaguely remember talking on my cell in the dream and that it had something to do with Will – but I don’t remember who I was talking to. I can also remember Will walking across a hotel lobby and Bill with a stack of papers. Seems almost as if I was looking in on it – but I really don’t remember any of it (maybe because I wasn’t supposed to be in the meeting?)

I looked up 311 in my angel number book and it says: The ascended masters are helping – and urging – you to keep your mind focused on creating and manifesting at the highest level of light and love. Avoid addictive behaviors as they mask your desire to create.

Interesting message to the 3 men – don’t you think?

I know that Will is upset with my new interest, but it’s not like I’m marrying the guy tomorrow.

I can feel that a dam is about to break – in a good way – but I’m not sure if it deals with my personal or professional life — or both. I’m just ready for something to move forward:)

Off to get moving on the day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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