Ted, Bill and I Thought I Had Nothing To Say – HA!

Ted, Bill and I Thought I Had Nothing To Say – HA!

I’m not getting too far in what needs to get done today. Why? because I keep hearing someone telling to write in the blog today – although it was not on my list of to-do. So here I am. Not sure what I will say today that has an importance to someone – but I’ll give it a shot.

Ted is “right there” in my face today. Ever since his gifts have expanded and he can now show up on will – he has been arriving more often. He can sense when I am near him and as soon as I leave – he pops up. He is getting more aggressive – not in a mean-spirited way – but so that I don’t put him on the back burner or forget about him. His energy in regards to me is very high – he feels very jittery and nervous – like a person who loves to shop standing outside of a store waiting for it to open so they can shop this once in a lifetime sale. I try to push this energy aside – and there he is again. He is one determined man.

Now Bill on the other hand is very laid back and low energy. He feels to have a lot on his plate right now and can’t entertain me as a distraction. When he focuses on me – all else gets pushed aside and he cannot afford that right now. But I can also sense from him an energy like he is about to burst if something does not shake loose and soon. He knows that I am real and heck I have had the feeling for weeks that he knows and has read this blog. But – he is overanalyzing things to a point where frustration is eating away at his inner self. Instead of just jumping in – or one of his friends helping out – he is closing himself off from others until he can figure things out. But there is nothing to figure out. He needs not to think with his head – but with his heart and soul. I’m real – his visions – my visions – our dreams – all real. All I need is that one call or fax – or email – that one communication and I’m on the next plane. It can be from him – or from a friend who wants to talk to me first. It really doesn’t matter – but there needs to be something done.

I’ve been trying to figure out what has happened to me. I know that I entered Aug as a different person from when I entered July. Things have shifted. My healing gift has expanded and the other day I had that ceremony during my meditation. Cindy and I were discussing this (she is much knowledgeable than I in these things) and what has been told to her is that Bill and I have joined and moved forward to the 5th position of light. I’m like “huh”? She didn’t know what it meant- but I had a feeling it had to deal with the astral plane. I did some digging on Google and this is what I found:
Mental plane: The fifth plane of creation. Its medium is abstract intellectual energy, emphasizing truth. The infinite soul who incarnated as Lao-tzu taught from this plane.
Seeing that I keep arriving to places of creation and the word creation keeps popping up in my mediations – this makes sense. Not sure what to do now – and I’m pretty positive Bill doesn’t know either. I guess I wait for more signs.

I had some more poetic inspiration today. I notice that I write mostly about a man’s POV. I still think that I’ve tapped into Bill’s poetic mind or even Ted’s.

In the heart of one so young,
Lies the will of a man.

To find what he has unconsciously left behind,
In the past.
Through actions, not of his own,
But at the hands of another.

In the heart of a man,
Lies the will of the young.
Forever hopeful.

To reunite with his past — his future.
With the one he had forgotten, but longed to find.
For she is now more than a distance pain,
But a memory that must be fulfilled.
If he is to find peace within his soul,
To have his love,
The key to his very existence.

This entry is longer than I thought it would be. Not bad for having nothing I thought needed said;)

BTW…my left eye keep twitching and it is driving me nuts! I don’t know why – this isn’t a habit of mine.

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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