Ted, Bill and Atlantis!

Ted, Bill and Atlantis!

Atlantis is kicking my butt – but in a good way. The more I’m connected to it the more energy I have — and the more sexually turned on I am. I know – that last part is probably TMI. But this is what’s happening as I’m in constant connection.

Two dreams last night about Atlantis. One I was walking down a long hallway made out of marble I want to say – white marble. I was barefoot and wore a long white tunic dress with a royal blue long jacket w/ a hood. It’s quiet – all I can hear is my footsteps. I round a corner and Ted is sitting there – dressed in all royal blue. He’s crouching down – leaning against the wall. He spies me – smiles that kick ass smile and stands.

Next dream it’s still Ted and I – but now we are in front of a large vat of clear liquid with a thin layer of clear gel on the surface. Ted sticks his hand in and says the consistency is off. I tell him it’ll be taken care of. In an instant we are in a large courtyard. In the center is a three tier crystal foundation that people are drinking from. I feel a presence to my left – right in front of me, Bill appears. Ted tells him – it’s about time.

Then I woke up.

Atlantis is coming in hard and fast. I keep jotting down notes so that I do not forget anything. In May I’m going to get a past life regression specially for Atlantis. It’ll be recorded and I will post the recording to the podcast:)

4 more actual class days (2 wks) and then finals. I’m almost there!

Don’t forget to hit me up on Keen. I’m there on Wed only until school is out – and then it will be Tues – Thurs. If you want 3 free min – just ask!

Radio show will be starting in May. I’m a bit nervous about this. I hope I find people who want to do the show (be guests) and that people will actually listen. If I like the feel of this – I will shift this to a radio show/web broadcast in 2012.

Time to go make supper;)

Have a great weekend!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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